Moon Knight vs Daredevil

Moon Knight vs Daredevil

In the world of comics, there have been numerous opportunities to play out the character vs character scenario.

You’ve seen it, your neighbor has seen it, and I’ve seen it.

That’s what’s great about comics. Endless possibilities for the fans (you and I) to play out in our minds.

In the case of Moon Knight vs Daredevil. we take two characters I really enjoy through their respective storytelling.

With that, sit back and enjoy the read. Feel free to comment or share your thoughts in who you would pick to have a square off.

Moon Knight vs Daredevil

Just so you know this is a dream battle for me as I am a fan of both characters. So, when it comes down to this throw down it will be based on what each of them brings to the table.

And by table I don’t mean the picnic table that you eat your macaroni salad at. Without further aideu let’s get this slugfest on.

The Good

Moon Knight vs Daredevil


  • Peak physical condition
  • Highly skilled hand to hand martial artist
  • Skilled acrobat
  • Heightened senses that enable him to move navigate the world around him
  • Skilled with a Billy Club
  • Vast knowledge of the legal system as a lawyer
  • Skilled detective skills and tracker 
Moon Knight vs Daredevil

Moon Knight

  • Detective skills
  • Martial arts and combat skills
  • Increased strength, agility, and endurance dependent on the lunar cycles
  • Boxer and mercenary 
  • Skilled in a variety of weapons 
Moon Knight vs Daredevil

The Not So Good

Moon Knight vs Daredevil


  • Costume can sustain damage so easier to sustain injuries
  • A hard time controlling his emotions. Could derail his concentration
  • Vulnerable to loud sounds that will weaken his radar sense
  • His blindness limits him. He cannot recognize color without touch and can only read if the ink is raised
  • Kingpin knows his secret identity 
Moon Knight vs Daredevil

Moon Knight

  • Is weaker and more vulnerable if the lunar cycles are not strong
  • Lunar cycles are like Kryptonite to Superman

Heads I win…Tails you lose.

Daredevil could win if Moon Knight is in a weaker state do to the lunar cycles not enhancing his powers BUT Moon Knight could win if he has the enhanced powers.

Just like the toss of a coin they have a 50/50 chance of seeing the battle favor one of them.

What if their paths crossed?

Let’s say they just decided to have a friendly wager and see who could go the distance. No real reason for the fighting just two heroes trying to win their respected gloating rights.

Here is where it gets tricky. There are really no superpowers being used in this battle unless the Lunar Circles increased Moon Knight’s abilities but that depends on which moon your getting. 

Yes, ha ha ha, the moon jokes.

All joking aside, if that did happen the edge would go slightly to Moon Knight. Again, remember this depends on the night the two square off.

If there was no special moon and they battled…

Both are skilled hand to hand warriors and in this case, it would be like Rocky and Apollo going 12 rounds and no decision being made. After that, it would become apparent that they shake each other’s hand and go out for milkshakes.

Looking into a mirror

The similarities are so evenly matched that it’s like looking into a mirror and not seeing your adversary, but your reflection.

It’s the embodiment of a dream match that never sees an ending.

To conclude, it’s not a checkmate but rather a stalemate. These heroes are a stand still because of how good they compliment each other. 

Till next time,


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