If The Hellboy Trailer Is Any Indication Of The Movie, Get My Vomit Bag

Hellboy Trailer

If The Hellboy Trailer Is Any Indication Of The Movie, Get My Vomit Bag

Am I the only one that’s growing tired of everybody trying to do what Marvel did with Guardians of the Galaxy? 

Guardians of the Galaxy transcended comic book movies. It showed that given the right circumstances, an entertainment company could take a lesser-known product, inject large doses of humor AND tell a really good story.

DC tried to replicate Marvel’s success with Suicide Squad. If money made is the only metric a films success is based on, Suicide Squad was a smash hit. But, money isn’t the only metric. Suicide Squad was a critical bomb. Without downing it too much, the movie was disjointed and sacrificed quality for fun.


Neil Marshall’s Hellboy is set to release next year…April 12th to be exact. Up until two days ago, we really didn’t know what Marshall had in store for us. We knew that David Harbour of Stranger Things and Mila Jovovich of Resident Evil and The Fifth Element had been cast. Outside of that, we knew nothing.

Yesterday, the trailer finally dropped, albeit a day early. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never really been a fan of the character. In truth, I haven’t even watched the Ron Perlman led outings. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t see this one. 

Quite the opposite, actually. I’ll see it but I will bring strong skepticism’s along for the ride.

And why?

The trailer made the movie seem, well, goofy. 

Hellboy Trailer

Set to Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony”, the trailer does everything a trailer is supposed to do. It introduces the characters, teaches what it’s probably about, gives a glimpse of the villain, and ends on an adrenaline-filled note.

Well done Hellboy trailer. Well done.

The issue is that it doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. It looks to be trying too hard to replicate the very successful Guardians of the Galaxy and, to a lesser extent, Suicide Squad. So yeah, it’s goofy. Let me put it this way. For a creature with immeasurable power who can bring the world to its knees, Hellboy comes across as dimwitted, unintelligent, and dense. 

Maybe this is the tone the movie is going for. If so, congratulations. Mission accomplished. However, as a reboot missing the drawing power that Marvel and DC possess, it may prove to be a giant misstep and a disservice to its fan base.

It could very well be that I felt put off because of the soundtrack. If this turns out to be the case, I apologize profusely. But I don’t think it is. Every part of it, with the exception of the beautiful Mila Jovovich, made me cringe.

I want Hellboy to succeed just like I want Spawn to succeed. The world needs comic book movies outside of Marvel and DC. However, if the trailer is any indication as to what we’re in for, I’ll start loading up on vomit bags right now.

If you haven’t seen the Hellboy Trailer, check it out below.



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