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Incredible Hulk

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Incredible Hulk

Real Name: Bruce Banner

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #1 (May, 1962)

Powers: Limitless Strength. The angrier he becomes, the stronger he becomes

Affiliation: Avengers, Defenders, Horsemen of Apocalypse

Enemies: Abomination, Leader, Thunderbolt Ross (Red Hulk)

Love Interests: Betty Ross

Did You Know: There have been numerous portrayals of the Hulk both on television and in the movies. Most recently, he was brought to life by Mark Ruffalo

A Little History

Bruce’s father, Brian Banner was an Atomic Physicist who suffered from alcohol addiction. Due to his addiction, he commonly took out his frustrations on Bruce. Luckily for Bruce, he had a mother who always came to his rescue and consoled him when such events happened. Not so luckily, the consoling led Brian to murder her and being committed to a psychiatric ward.

As Bruce went through school he consistently found himself at the mercy of bullying due to his aloof and timid nature. As if foreshadowing what was to come, little did the bullies know but Bruce was in constant battle within himself to contain the rage that he was building inside.

Now employed by the military, Bruce conducted experimental work on a bomb; a Gamma Bomb. During one testing of the Gamma Bomb, a friend decided to walk right into the test area. Bruce, being noble, ran into and pushed his friend out of the way before the bomb went off.  Fortunately, he was able to push his friend out of the way, but unfortunately, he was unable to escape the blast. The bomb exploded leaving Bruce to take the full brunt of its radiation and this radiation caused Bruce to undergo severe changes.

After the explosion, Bruce began transforming into a Grey Hulk at sunset. Over time, this would change and he was able to transform whenever his adrenaline levels spiked.

Simply put, the madder he got, the more he became the Hulk.

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