Steve Dillion

Steve Dillion
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Steve Dillion

Steve Dillion was born March 22, 1962, in London, England. It was during his time in high school that he realized just how far the potential he showed in comics could take him.  While there, he and some fellow classmates created Sci-Fi comic strip  (under the Ultimate Sci-Fi Adventures umbrella) entitled “The Space Vampire”.

The Comic Bug.

He true career began in 1980 at the tender age of 16. He started working by drawing the first issue of Hulk Weekly for the Marvel Brand in the United Kingdom. It is an honor to draw for Marvel at any time, let alone at the age of 16.

During the 80’s he also sketched for Warrior as well as the Long running show, Doctor Who. It was during this time that he created the popular character, Abslom Daak. While working on Warrior, his passion took him to work on the comic, 2000 AD.


While the 1990’s saw a boom in the industry, its storylines were all the same. Big heroes with big guns, doing big things. Around 1989, Dillon met writer Garth Ennis and the two set out to change this. Ennis and Dillion spent hours upon hours brainstorming something that would bring a much-needed new flare to comics.

First, the two would come up Hellblazer, and second, they would give the world their most critically acclaimed book, Preacher. Preacher would generate an astounding 66 books and spin off into a television series of the same name. Preacher was so successful that it allowed the Garth Ennis to create the Hitman Comic Book, and Dillion to come up with the most widely considered, useless character in comics, The Dogwelder.

Gone Too Soon

Tragically, Steve Dillion died in New York City on October 22, 2016, at the young age of 54. His premature death was caused by a ruptured appendix. His passing was met with great a great outpour of emotion in the comic book community. Most important, his impact cannot be overstated and he has left us with one of the true masterpieces of our time, Preacher.

  • The world needs more heroes and I intend to give it to them. Now, I'm not talking about comic book superheroes, although that would be amazing. No, I'm talking about people like you and I who need to take control of their life and make a difference in the lives of others. This is my mission in life.