10 Marvel Heroes Who Don’t Need Powers To Win

Elektra 4
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How many times have you looked at a Marvel Superhero and thought to yourself, “man, would it be awesome to have their powers?”

Yeah, me too.

What about the ones who don’t have powers?

Would you want to be them? Would you dare to live like they do?

Could you be smart enough, skilled enough or smooth enough to survive in their world?

I wonder.

Here are 10 Marvel Heroes Who Don’t Need Powers To Win

1. Iron Man

Iron Man

Ah yes, Bruce Wayne without the ever so serious disposition.

Tony Stark used his smarts to devise a suit that could mimic the heroes and villains with powers. Because of this, he is able to go toe-to-toe with the best of them.

Ironman was and is so far ahead of the curve that he had GPS built into his suit long before cars, trucks, and SUV’s.

Aside from the comical demeanor that Tony has, his smarts, ingenuity, and continual desire to be the best keep him ahead of everyone else around him. Yes, Ironman starts the list of 10 Marvel Heroes Who Don’t Need Powers To Win.

2. Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes

Yes, being beside Captain America for the better part of his youth taught Bucky fight, plan missions, and navigate the political landscape. However, being beside him also hindered his development.

After his transformation into the Winter Soldier, Bucky was able to tap into his potential and unleash Hell on politics all over the world. He literally became a ghost.

Check out his work in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

3. Nick Fury

Nick Fury

What list would be complete without a Sargeant that could effectively lead his troops into battle?

On more than one occasion, Nick Fury has thrown caution to the wind in order to save the people around him. Much like Rod Stewart, Nick is kept “Forever Young” by the Infinity Formula and because of this, has survived war after war. His experiences have allowed him to pick up valuable lessons and ideas along the way.

Nick is a leader that the Marvel Universe looks up to.

4. Black Widow

Black Widow

Beauty, brains, and a knockout punch sums of Natasha quite nicely.

She not only knows hand-to-hand combat but is completely capable of making grown men cry. The reason the UFC doesn’t allow women to compete against men is because it is scared someone like Natasha will come along and beat every one of them.

Well, not actually.

Trained to be a killer, Natasha is the person you would want on your team if the fight came down to fists and kicks.

5. The Punisher


Frank Castle is the embodiment of righting a wrong by any means necessary.

As a former US Marine, Frank learned how to defeat any opponent by any means necessary. Frank is skilled in hand to hand combat and as such, can easily disarm any foe.

He is capable of using any weapon on the planet, but, of course, sticks to what he feels comfortable with. Guns.

Frank turned a tragic accident into a lifelong mission to rid the world of those who would do others harm. The next time you think of being an asshole, think again. The Punisher is one of the 10 Marvel Heroes Who Don’t Need Powers To Win.

6. Elektra


The skilled assassin that makes looking good easy.

Trained from a young age to “take care of business”, Elektra became the world’s foremost assassin, working for the likes of Kingpin and at the side of Daredevil.

Maybe you are thinking that you could be just like Elektra? I wouldn’t blame you. If you do, make sure you become better than Raphael and learn to use the sai.

Without, you won’t stand a chance at becoming even a fragment of what she is.

7. Hawkeye


One part marksmen, one part circus performer, four parts awesome, and one bad costume make up the man known as Clint Barton.

Don’t get me wrong, his costume in the Avengers movies is pretty awesome, but look above. The purple scheme is a little much, don’t you think?

All that aside, Hawkeye’s skill set is invaluable. Not only does every shot he takes hits its mark, but he is a trained fighter, and can crack jokes with the best of them.

Still, don’t believe me?

How many powerless heroes can you think of that can hold their own and stand beside a man out of time, a god, a genius, and a Hulk?

8. Star-Lord

Star Lord

When you look at a guy who leads a team like the Guardians of the Galaxy with no powers of his own, how can you not be impressed?

Think about it.

Talking tree – Yep

Engineered Raccoon – Yes

Green Assassin- Got that

A guy whose name has Destroyer in it – Really?

Peter Quill is a master strategist who uses his cunningness to solve problems as quick as they happen. He possesses great hand-to-hand abilities and is able to use firearms of all sorts. If all that fails, he can refer to the talking tree.

Only rising to popularity lately, it doesn’t appear as if he is going anywhere. Yes, Starlord is one of those heroes who don’t need powers to win.

9. Ka-zar


If he looks like Tarzan to you, you’d be correct.

He spent countless years in the Savage land developing skills that have enabled him to survive it. He is a master hunter, trapper, fisherman, and fighter. Not only could Ka-zar grace the cover of the next New York Best Selling Romance Novel, he could fight off any adversary that threatens his land or friends.

If his knife doesn’t have you cowering in fear, then maybe his friend Zabu might.

Can you imagine running into that?

10. Conan the Barbarian


“I’ll be back.”

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Terminator, he was Conan.

Nothing could keep Conan down. Even a Hulk Hogan leg drop wouldn’t stand a chance.

Much like Ka-zar, Conan is a master of combat and is able to use most, if not all, combat type weapons. If you don’t believe me, just look at the above picture? He is using every one of them at the same time!

If Skeletor thought He-Man was a problem, wait till this guy comes knocking on the door of Castle Grayskull. Powers? Not a chance. Conan is the final hero in the list of 10 Marvel Heroes Who Don’t Need Powers To Win.

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