Star Wars

Although Star Wars doesn’t technically fit in the comic book category, there are several Star Wars comic books and that was enough for us to provide you with a whole category dedicated to – arguably – the greatest franchise ever created. Launched by Lucas in 1977, Star Wars basically redefined pop culture franchises and became a historically important work that absolutely deserves our attention. 

Our writers know everything about Star Wars. They’ve seen the movies, they’ve read the Expanded Universe novels, they’ve read the comic books, and they’ve played all the games. If there’s a Star Wars-related question you might have, you can rely on our writers to provide you with an answer. The love and passion our writers have for this franchise is evident in the way they shape their articles, which are brilliant, precise and to-the-point. You can trust Comic Basics to be your most reliable source of information for all Star Wars related questions and information, so do stop by and see what we have for you!