Will The 2018 Spawn Movie Fall Flat On Its Face?

2018 Spawn Movie

Meh…a 2018 Spawn movie was announced. Having never been a true Spawn fan (other than owning some of the McFarlane toys) the announcement didn’t have me jumping for joy. What it did have me doing was shrugging my shoulders and saying: “Alright, and?”

I’ve tried, tried, and tried some more, I just can’t do it. I can’t even bring myself to crack a half-assed smile. I sit here wondering if I’m the only person who thinks this way. Surely, there must be someone else who isn’t excited, right?


The more I think about it, the more I wonder why? Why am I not even the slightest bit excited? This movie can/will bring about so much needed change to the comic book movie industry. Not only does it have the potential to firmly announce the arrival of Image as another player (sorry Marvel and DC) into the movie realm but it might possibly rise up and be the best Rated R movie to date.

I suppose for those reasons I can crack a smile.

DC (not so much) and Marvel (so much) have spent the better part of this decade churning out good and bad movies. Before you get all uppity, I will happily acknowledge that this isn’t Image Comics first foray into movies. We’ve watched as they’ve successfully (?) launched a few titles to the big screen, The Crow, its sequels, Witchblade, and the ill-fated Spawn movie from the 1990’s. But none are as memorable as let’s say, Iron Man, The Winter Soldier, or Wonder Woman. These two giants hold a pretty firm monopoly over the industry and it desperately needs someone else in the game.

Competition is good. Competition breeds better movies and in a time where the movie plots have become predictable, we need better movies. Besides, the worst that could happen is that this movie is as awful as the original and it would end up competing for the shittiest comic movie with itself.

I already mentioned that I’m not a Spawn fan. However, I’ll readily admit that like mentioned, I have thought that a 2018 Spawn movie has the potential to become one of the best comic book movies ever made. Now, with the red tape lifted and filmmakers able portray characters how they should be portrayed, these thoughts ring true more than ever.

Think about it for a second.

With the successful releases of Deadpool and Logan (both of which are rated R), Image Comics and Todd McFarlane have the chance to show the world the true definition of what Rated R is. Spawn is violent, vulgar, brutal and can be exactly the shake up the comic book world needs.

Different from Logan and Deadpool, Spawn has a backstory isn’t as convoluted as a bad alibi. He is the living incarnate of Hell sent back to Earth by a bad deal. Imagine the imagery the movie could give us. Fire. Demons. Death. Blood.

I’m not saying that the world needs more of this because it doesn’t. We have enough senseless bloodshed and hatred to last 12 lifetimes. What I am saying is that in an industry that has been afraid to break the mold (hero rises to face villain only to receive a minor setback which usually reaffirms their desire to win) a shake up is exactly what the doctor ordered.

A word of caution.

f you’re the kind of person who has their hopes up that a 2018 Spawn movie will change the industry, lower your expectations. We all thought that Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and the latest Guardians of the Galaxy could do it and they didn’t. These are what Spawn might become, overhyped movies that failed to deliver.

Just so you don’t leave thinking that I’m overly pessimistic or that I have a hate on for a 2018 Spawn movie or any of the aforementioned movies, I want to assure you that I am rooting for it. Some of the most my most beloved stories lie within Image. I cringe to think that Saga and Chew may never see the light of day if Spawn flops.

One final word, if it can surpass all expectations and lay the groundwork for future Image movies, let’s hope it doesn’t get lost in cracks of all the other movies coming out in 2018. I look to you Avengers…



Image © Image Comics

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