5 Wolverine Facts That Any True Fan Would Be Able To Tell You

Wolverine Facts

Arguably Marvel’s most popular superhero, Wolverine is to the company what Superman is to DC. As such, his history in long, varied, and convoluted. It’s tough to keep track of the character because, well, he’s used is so many situations.

Due to his varied history, it’s occasionally tough to keep track of the things that make Wolverine, Wolverine. But that’s what we’re here for. We want to keep things straight for you with the character. Here are 5 Wolverine facts that you should know.

5. Can die

Wolverine Rumors

If you think that Wolverine is immortal, you think wrong. While Logan is near invincible, he is not immortal.

Wolverine can die and has done so in the last few years. In the appropriately titled 2014 event, “Death of Wolverine”, a micro virus is found inside. The micro virus, which is responsible for shutting down his healing factor, does exactly that. With no healing factor, many of his enemies each take a turn attempting to kill him. 

As the story unfolds, Wolverine comes to find the man responsible for the virus, Lord Ogun. Lord Ogun, as it turns out, is actually Dr. Abraham Cornelius and Dr. Cornelius is the founder of the Weapon X program. Of course, the Weapon X program is the program that laced adamantium to his bones. 

At the stories conclusion, the doctor becomes fatally wounded and Wolverine winds up covered in liquid adamantium. Without a healing factor to save him, as Wolverine dies, he’s left pondering the final question given to him by the doctor, “What did you do with your life?”

4. Unbreakable


Let’s make something very clear…Wolverine isn’t unbreakable. He may be close to it, but unbreakable, he is not. 

For example…

During the Civil War story that saw superheroes battle superheroes, it was Wolverine and his team that was responsible for bringing in the mutant, Nitro, that triggered the event. Nitro, for reference, has the unique ability to explode and rebuild himself.

As Wolverine approaches the boy, Nitro sets off an explosion capable of leveling a city block. Unfortunately for Wolverine, he was caught in said explosion and left as nothing more than a walking skeleton. Now, this is Wolverine and there is no way that Marvel would let their prized possession go down in a manner like this. Due to his healing factor, his body rebuilt the flesh and organs right around the skeleton. 

3. He’s Canadian

Why Wolverine

The United States has given the world many things. Starbucks. Amazon. eBay. Apple. Pixar. And those are just the businesses. When it comes to superheroes…look out. Captain America. Iron Man. Spider-Man. The Fantastic Four. What you may not realize, however, is that the world’s most popular mutant is not American. 

Like the poutine (look it up) Wolverine is and will always be Canadian. 

Debuting in The Incredible Hulk #181 and cementing his legacy in Giant Size X-Men #1, Wolverine is as Canadian as maple syrup. He hails from Alberta, has spent his life in the Canadian wilderness, was attempted to be recruited by the very Canadian Alpha Flight, and drinks beer as good as any. 

Wolverine is as Canadian as they come. He looks like a lumberjack, says very little, let’s his actions do the talking and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Although his trademark yellow costume leaves a lot to be desired, as far as Wolverine facts go, nothing makes me more proud than the fact he’s a Canadian.

2. Height

Wolverine Bub

If going by the height of the actor that played him for 17 years, you probably think Wolverine is a giant. However, in actuality, he’s anything but. The truth is that unlike the 6’3” Hugh Jackman, Wolverine is only 5’3”. That’s right, he’s barely tall enough to ride the adult rides at the carnival. If it weren’t for his continuous stubble and mutton chops, he’d be I.D.’d every time he buys beer.

Jokes aside, Wolverine is a man of short stature. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. In his most basic state, he’s built for precisely what he does best. Fighting and killing. His height only helps the fact that he’s extremely fast, strong, agile, and has incredible stamina.

1. He’s just an X-Man

Wolverine and the X-Men

The X-Men and Wolverine go hand-in-hand. The character is so synonymous with the mutant team that both comic books and television have taken the name Wolverine and the X-Men. 

Let me prove it to you. 

After the death of Charles Xavier, Wolverine became the Headmaster of the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. And over the last 17 years, Fox cranked out X-Men movie after X-Men movie with Wolverine as the focal point. 

But his allegiance doesn’t stick to only the X-Men. Wolverine might be the most traveled character in the history of comic books. 

And more. 

Wolverine’s skill set is in such high demand that teams line up for his services. While it is a huge compliment to be on so many teams, it makes me wonder how he can be in so many places at once…



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