Adam West: The One, The Only, The Batman

Adam West

It is with great sadness that I announce to you that on Friday, June 9, 2017, the world lost an icon in the comic book industry, Adam West.

When most people think of Adam West they quickly think of the Batman television series from the 1960’s. Or at least, I do. In terms of popular culture, the show became a hit. It was campy, ridiculous, and downright silly at times but we soaked it up. Every Wham!, Pow!, and Bam! made us scream out, “Yes! This is exactly how it should be!” If the show was meant to be a live-action comic book, it certainly delivered.

The problem with Adam having such a hit show was that Batman became everything that he was and would be known for. Every Hollywood actor fears exactly what happened to him. He was typecast.

Before there was Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck there was Adam West. Adam West single handily set the benchmark for what the Batman character was. It was because of his heroics that Batman gained the popularity that he did. Yes, the show was often worse than it was good but without it, I’d argue to say, there would be no beloved Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan takes on the character.

New Age

With such shows like robot chicken and the big bang theory that had Mr. West guest appear on the 200th episode to pay its respect for the 50th year anniversary of the classic sitcom.

Nearly 50 years after the ending of the show, the 1960’s Batman is still making its mark. Adam West has appeared on the Big Bang Theory in its 200th episode and more impressive, he appeared on Robot Chicken making a mockery himself.

Yes, Adam West never took the character too seriously…and why? Because he didn’t have to.

With the passing of Adam West, there is only one thing left to say…

“Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.”

Ok, maybe there are two things to say…

Thank you, Mr. West. We all appreciate you wearing the terrible spandex and bringing Batman to life for all of us.



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