‘Ahsoka’: Main Characters’ Ages, Heights, Species & More

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The upcoming release of the Ahsoka TV series has Star Wars fans feeling super hyped, taking the well-loved saga and transforming it using a more realistic and modernized feel. Despite the action-packed nature of the series, one of the most popular elements involves Ahsoka‘s vast array of interesting characters – including both heroes as well as infamous Star Wars villains.

While the saga takes viewers on an adventure as Ahsoka Tano’s story unfolds, there are still tons of questions regarding each main character’s origins. Below is everything you need to know about the Ahsoka characters’ ages, heights, species, and much more – excluding characters who are only featured by means of holograms or paintings.

Ahsoka CharacterApproximate AgeHeightWeight
Ahsoka Tano45 years old5’2”/ 161 cm
– 5’5”/ 170 cm
119 lbs/ 54 kg
Sabine Wren30 years old5’5”/ 170 cm114 lbs/ 52 kg
Ezra Bridger28 years old5’4”/ 165 cm114 lbs/ 50 kg
Hera Syndulla38 years old5’9”/ 176 cm110 lbs/ 50 kg
Baylan SkollUnknown6’2”/ 191 cmUnknown
Huyang25,029 years old5’11”/ 180 cmUnknown
Anakin Skywalker50 years old6’2”/ 188 cm
– 6’8”/ 203 cm
264 lbs/ 120 kg
Mon Mothma57 years old5’6”/ 173 cmUnknown
Morgan ElsbethUnknown5’4”/ 165 cmUnknown
Grand Admiral Thrawn68 years oldUnknownUnknown

What Do We Know About the Ahsoka Characters’ Birthdays & Ages?

It’s believed that the Ahsoka TV series takes place in the New Republic era within the Star Wars timeline, around the same time as The Mandalorian. The saga is set approximately five years after The Return of the Jedi following the fall of the Empire, which occurs in 4 ABY (“After the Battle of Yavin”).

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Purely based on estimates, this would place the saga in the year 9 ABY within the Star Wars timeline. Since fans have access to many characters’ years of birth (or years of “creation” in cases involving androids), we can estimate how old each of these figures is within Ahsoka.


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Ezra Bridger was born on Empire Day in 19 BBY (“Before the Battle of Yavin”), making him approximately 28 years old in the Ahsoka TV series. Sabine Wren is next in terms of age, being 30 years old due to being born in 21 BBY.

Hera Syndulla was born in 29 BBY, making her 38 years old within the series, followed by the star of the show, Ahsoka Tano, who was born in 36 BBY and is 45 years old within the saga. Anakin Skywalker was born in 41 BBY, making him 50 years old in the series, while Mon Mothma was born in 48 BBY and is around 57 years old.

Grand Admiral Thrawn was born in 59 BBY and is 68 years old in Ahsoka, while Huyang is believed to be approximately 25,029 years old, making him the oldest of all the characters featured in the saga – being created way back in 25,020 BBY. The exact ages of the other Ahsoka characters remain unknown.

What Do We Know About the Ahsoka Characters’ Heights & Weights?

Ahsoka Tano is the shortest and most petite of all the series’ characters, with a height of 5’2”/ 161 cm (which later became 5’5”/ 170 cm as she matured into adulthood) as well as an average weight of 119 lbs/ 54 kg. Ezra Bridger is next up, having grown quite a lot since the character’s height in Star Wars: Rebels, now measuring 5’4”/ 165 cm in height alongside Morgan Elsbeth and weighing 114 lbs/ 50 kg.


Sabine Wren has an estimated height of 5’5”/ 170 cm as well as a weight of around 114 lbs/ 52 kg, while Mon Mothma measures approximately 5’6”/ 173 cm. Hera Syndulla is slightly taller than the other female characters featured in the series, measuring approximately 5’9”/ 176 cm in height with a weight of 110 lbs/ 50 kg, followed by Huyang, who is 5’11”/ 180 cm tall with an unknown weight stat.


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Although Baylan Skoll can be considered the tallest of all characters, in theory, he has relatively similar height and weight stats when compared to Anakin Skywalker. Baylan Skoll is 6’2”/ 191 cm tall, but Anakin Skywalker has a base height of 6’2”/ 188 cm, with his height increasing to 6’8”/ 203 cm when wearing his esteemed Darth Vader armor – topped with an increased weight of approximately 264 lbs/ 120 kg.

What Do We Know About the Ahsoka Characters’ Genders, Species & Homeworlds?

The Star Wars franchise is infamous for flaunting a ton of unique and creative species, including extraterrestrials, humans native to varying planets, and much more. Below are all of the Ahsoka characters’ species and homeworlds, as well as their biological genders at birth.

Ahsoka CharacterGenderSpeciesHomeworld
Ahsoka TanoFemaleTogrutaShili
Sabine WrenFemaleHumanKrownest
Ezra BridgerMaleHuman (Lothalite)Lothal
Hera SyndullaFemaleTwi’lekRyloth
Baylan SkollMaleHumanUnknown
HuyangNone (Masculine programming)Mark IV Architect droidUnknown
Anakin SkywalkerMaleHumanTatooine
Mon MothmaFemaleHuman (Chandrilan)Chandrila
Morgan ElsbethFemaleHumanCorvus
Grand Admiral ThrawnMaleChissRentor

What Do We Know About the Ahsoka Characters’ Masters, Apprentices & Affiliations?

Many of the characters featured in Ahsoka have gone through some seriously hefty training over the years, with the intention of using their skills to further their cause while passing on knowledge to future protégés. Below are all of the Ahsoka characters’ masters or apprentices, as well as their known affiliations.

Ahsoka CharacterMasters/ ApprenticesAffiliations
Ahsoka TanoAnakin SkywalkerJedi Order (resigned), Galactic Republic
Sabine WrenKanan Jarrus (lightsaber combat)Galactic Empire, Imperial Academy of Mandalore, Alliance to Restore the Republic, Spectres, Mandalorian resistance
Ezra BridgerKanan Jarrus (Jedi Master), Hera Syndulla (piloting), Rex (combat training), White Loth-wolf (as a guide)Bridger family, Jedi Order, Galactic Empire (as a spy), LRC077, Alliance to Restore the Republic, Spectres, Gold Squadron
Hera Syndulla(Apprentice) Ezra BridgerAlliance to Restore the Republic, Spectres, Phoenix Squadron, Alliance High Command, Gamma Group, New Republic, Barma Battle Group, New Republic High Command, Nadiri fleet
Baylan Skoll(Apprentice) Shin HatiJedi Order
HuyangUnknownJedi Order
Anakin SkywalkerDarth Sidious (Sith Master), Yoda (Force spirit teacher)(Apprentices)
Ahsoka Tano, Inquisitorius, Iskat Akaris, The Grand Inquisitor, Second Sister, Third Sister, Fourth Sister, Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother, Seventh Sister, Eighth Brother, Ninth Sister, Tenth Brother, Tualon, An Inquisitor, Corvax descendant
Skywalker family, Jedi Order, Jedi High Council, Galactic Republic, 7th Sky Corps, 302nd Battalion, 501st Legion, Office of the Chancellor, Sith, Galactic Empire, Imperial High Command, Imperial Ruling Council, Joint Chiefs, Death Squadron, Vader’s crew
Mon MothmaLeia Organa (Protégé)Mon Mothma’s family, Galactic Republic, Committee for transportation of construction materials, Loyalist Committee, Delegation of 2,000, Galactic Empire, Imperial Senate (resigned), Mon Mothma’s rebel cell, Separatist Coalition, Alliance to Restore the Republic
New Republic
Morgan ElsbethThrawnGalactic Empire, Imperial Navy, Elsbeth’s regime, Morgan Elsbeth’s forces
Grand Admiral ThrawnChe’ri (Flight), Eli N. Vanto & Karyn Faro (Protégés), Rukh, Morgan ElsbethAscendancy, Kivu family, An academy, Mitth family, Taharim Academy, Senior officer corps, Picket Force Six, Sunrise Chiss fleet, Paccosh, The Magys’s people, Galactic Empire, Royal Imperial Academy, Imperial Navy’s officer corps, 96th Task Force, 7th Fleet, Imperial High Command, Shadow Council

What Do We Know About the Ahsoka Characters’ Cast Members?

The creators of the Ahsoka TV series have included a lengthy list of talented actors and actresses, all hoping these iconic Star Wars characters are brought to life. Although this live-action Disney+ series is only scheduled to air from August to October 2023, the actors and actresses have caught fans’ interest, especially considering their incredible character ensembles.

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Below are all of the known cast members for each Ahsoka character so far.

Ahsoka CharacterAhsoka Cast Member
Ahsoka TanoRosario Dawson
Sabine WrenNatasha Liu Bordizzo
Ezra BridgerEman Esfandi
Hera SyndullaMary Elizabeth Winstead
Baylan SkollRay Stevenson
HuyangDavid Tennant
Anakin SkywalkerHayden Christensen
Mon MothmaGenevieve O’Reilly
Morgan ElsbethDiana Lee Inosanto
Grand Admiral ThrawnLars Mikkelsen

That’s everything there is to know about the main Ahsoka characters’ ages, heights, species, and more, with all stats thanks to the Wookieepedia. While there are still many questions surrounding these characters’ origins and true motives, the ongoing mystery can make this upcoming TV series even more alluring for many fans.


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What do you think about the main Ahsoka characters’ ages, heights, species, and stats? Let us know in the comments below!

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