Ant-Man – Scott Lang: Bio, Origin & History

Ant-Man - Scott Lang

Real Name: Scott Lang

First Appearance: Avengers #181 (March, 1979)

Powers: Takes in Pym Particles to shrink down to ant size. Can grow up to 100 feet. Can control and communicate with Ants.

Affiliation: Avengers, Fantastic Four, Future Foundation, Alpha Flight

Enemies: Most Avengers Enemies

Love Interests: Peggy Rae (Ex-Wife)

Did You Know: Ant-Man – Scott Lang is the longest-serving Ant-Man at 37 years.

A Little History

Scott journey as Ant-Man begins the day he is released from prison. While in prison, Scott became known for his technical prowess. Upon release, he ended up working for Tony Stark at Stark Industries.

Sadly, around this time Scott’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare and inoperable condition. Scott was unable to keep up with the mounting hospital bills and considered returning to a life of crime.

Scott received a tip that a doctor existed that was able to cure his daughter. Hearing this, he ventured out to find the doctor. As he found the doctor, he witnessed her being kidnapped and a car driving away. He followed the car, looked around and found himself on the other side of the fence at Cross Technological Enterprises. At that moment, he decided to return to crime and break into the building.

At that moment, he decided to return to crime and break into the building.

Inside, he couldn’t find the doctor. What he did find, however, was the suit of Ant-Man. After playing around and learning the inner workings of the suit, Ant-Man – Scott Lang marched right back to the facility armed with an army of ants.

Once inside, he told the doctor of his daughter and tells her that she must come with him. She replies by telling him that she already has a patient and cannot leave. Scott learns that the patient is a giant, red man named Darren Cross. Scott, being a newly minted superhero, is unable to defeat Cross and is rendered unconscious.

After waking up, Cross explains to Scott that he is Darren Cross, a man who has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on his heart. Due to this, he had a pacemaker placed inside his heart. While the pacemaker did what it was supposed to do, it had some side effects. These included turning him red, an enlarged forehead and superior strength. He continues to tell Scott that his pacemaker was actually causing his heart more difficulties and was kidnapping homeless people to utilize their hearts.

He proceeds to tell Scott that he left him alive because he wanted his young and strong heart. He then placed him a locked room. Scott, of course, easily escaped with the help of his ants. He made his way back to once again battle with Cross. This time, however, Cross’s heart failed and he died.

Scott then freed the doctor and she saved his daughter. Scott then turned himself into the police because he stole the costume. Luckily, Hank Pym showed up and told Scott that he could keep it.

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