Apocalypse: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: En Sabah Nur

First Appearance: X-Factor #5 as a Cameo (June, 1986), X-Factor #6, First Full Appearance (July, 1986)

Powers: Regeneration, Size Altering, Super Strength, Shape Shifting, Super Intelligence, Near Invulnerability and can Connect with Technology

Affiliation: Horseman of Apocalypse, Sandstorms, Alliance of Evil

Enemies: X-Men, Mankind, Everybody

Love Interests: Fen

Did You Know: He is widely regarded as the first mutant.

A Little History

Apocalypse was born on the edge of Egypt to a group of settlers known as the Akkaba. Born with grey skin and blue eyes, he was quickly discarded and left to die in the desert sun. Luckily for him, a band of passing by raiders, made short work of the Akkaba. Bal, the leader, took Apocalypse in. Seeing the potential power, Bal raised Apocalypse as his own.

Bal proceeded to name him En Sabah Nur or “The First One”.

As the first mutant, he was first to taste the hatred and resentment of humanity. Bal’s Raiders began to fear and despise him and his ‘powers’. Bal, understanding what was to come of Apocalypse, confided in him that the current Pharoah of Egypt was not a god, but a mortal man who had arrived on a sphinx.

Determined to prove this true, Bal took his son to a cave. Unfortunately, while inside, the cave became blocked, trapping the two inside. Weeks passed and as the moved around the cavern, both Bal and Apocalypse found a ship proving that the Pharoah was, in fact, a fraud.

Stuck in the cave and with his last breath, Bal told him that he thought he was to be the ruler.

He vowed revenge for his father’s death.

As it turns out, the Pharoah was actually a time-traveling being known as Kang. Learning of what was to come, Kang traveled back through time to find a young Apocalypse so that he may raise him as his own. By doing such, Kang would control the most powerful being ever created. The Pharoah told him that if he remained loyal to him, one day he too would sit on the thrown. After refusing, the Pharaoh attempted to kill him.

During the struggle, his mutant abilities of size shifting and immortality manifested. He quickly grew to unseen heights and no matter what Kang did he could survive. The Pharaoh, now Kang ran back to the future and Apocalypse took the throne.

Apocalypse has continued to live throughout history unleashing death, destruction, and devastation on the planet.

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