Moving Forward, Are The Skrulls The Answer To The MCU?


There have been many speculations on who will take the mantle. Speculations of Doctor Doom, Dormammu, The Skrulls and even Red Skull are in the running. There are so many directions that the MCU could go as this train ride will still be going after Infinity Wars. I am hoping they continue journeying throughout space and the galaxy instead of a villain that happens to be on earth. That can only go so far as it being your typical hero defeats villain on green soil and ta-da. Blah Blah Blah at least with the galaxy there is a multitude of directions you can go. Look at how Doctor Strange opened up a world of magic and spells.

A Fantastic Four Villain really?

The Skrulls have been a mainstay villain in the Marvel comic scene dating all the way back to Fantastic Four # 2. Yes, I know what you’re thinking why would a Fantastic Four villain have staying power. If that where the case would the topic of Victor von Doom or even Galactus even be in question. Yes, Fantastic Four has a bad reputation among a lot of fans but their villains make up for it.

If I was a betting man, the next in line to dethrone Thanos in the next phase would be The Skrulls and here’s why…

One of the great abilities that the Skrulls posses are the ability to shapeshift. With that many Skrulls forming different appearance it would be hard to infiltrate. The shifting ability also grants them the ability to form their body into forms of weapons. For example, turning their hands into an ax or a club making them a one-man orc army. Can you imagine that many Skrull soldiers that could attack their adversaries?

Could a Secret Invasion be the setting stage for such an encounter?

With Marvel Comics bigger actor’s contracts ending after Avengers Infinity War, the list includes Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. Wouldn’t phasing them out by either having them killed or all along they were shapeshifting Skrulls. Wouldn’t that be an unexpected twist after all these years? The characters we have admired are actually villains in disguises. Either way, it plays out it could either have the biggest uproar since the death of Logan back in 2017 or fans could be shocked with anger or sadness. Talk about having the wool pulled over your eyes.

One among themselves…

How about the idea of having someone like Nick Fury the one person who orchestrated this “Avengers team idea” to begin with by setting up certain heroes appending doom. What about Iron Man or Captain America trying to infiltrate organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. after all these years to get the truth behind such a top secret organization. What if A Skrull trying to use all this information by learning S.H.I.E.L.D. and have it backfire on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The foundation of such paranoia of who is who would drive anyone insane. It would make for some interesting accusations or break up such a team like the Avengers.

Who is ready for this next phase?

There are so many ways having the Skrulls set up the next phase in the MCU. What about an adaptation of “Secret Invasion” storyline would make for a direction not seen yet in theatres.

Are you guys up for such a direction and having the Skrulls being the next villains?



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