Asajj Ventress: Bio, Origin & History

Asajj Ventress

Real Name: Asajj Ventress

First Appearance: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Series

Powers: Sith Jedi

Affiliation: Sith

Enemies: Jedi Council, Count Dooku, Darth Sidious

Love Interests: Quinlan Vos

Did You Know: Asajj Ventress has teamed up with both the Jedi and Sith.

A Little History

Born into Mother Tulsan’s Night Sisters, Asajj Ventress was taken from her sisters at a very young age. Her kidnapping was done by Hal’Sted. Eventually, Hal’Sted met his demise and upon her release, she was found by the once stranded, Ky Narec. Seeing that she was Force-sensitive, Ky Narec took her on as his padawan and together to two protected the planet of Ratattak.

Sadly, just like Hal’Sted, Ky Narec met his demise, and the aftermath of his death left Ventress filled with rage, loss, and grief. These feelings overwhelmed her and she began to embrace the Dark Side of the Force. Her power would not go unnoticed and within a short period of time, Count Dooku took her on as his Sith Apprentice.

Unfortunately, he would not teach her all that he knew and she became merely a tool utilized to carry out assassinations and other events not worthy of a Sith Apprentice. These events led her, on more than one occasion, to encounter the Jedi’s Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Afraid that Dooku and Ventress would rise and overpower him, Dooku’s master, Darth Sidious ordered her to be slain.

Barely escaping her former master’s assault, Asajj Ventress made her way back to her home planet of Dathomir where she rejoined her Night Sisters. This didn’t stop Dooku and eventually, he ordered General Grievous and his droid army Dathomir. As a by-product of the order, Ventress’s sisters were all destroyed and she was left as merely a shell of what she once was.

A new life

Now without a family or friends, Ventress took up the life of a bounty hunter.

As a bounty hunter, she came into contact with her eventual love and Jedi Master, Quinlan Vos. She learned that he had been sent to murder her former master, Dooku and quickly partnered up with him to carry out the deed. Sadly, after being taken prisoner by Dooku and tortured for months, Vos gave himself to the Dark Side.

At her end, Ventress sacrificed her life for Vos and was peacefully laid to rest back on her home planet.

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