9 Characters Who Will See Avengers Infinity War Part 2 and 1 Who Won’t

Avengers Infinity War Part 2

The Marvel machine is ramping up and production is running at an all-time high. With so many movie parts in place, the world is left on the edge of our seats wondering, speculating, and trying to dissect all that will happen in not only Avengers Infinity War but Avengers Infinity War part 2 as well.

The most hotly discussed topic is who will live and who will die. I’ve been putting off laying my thoughts down on a computer screen because I want to be just as surprised as everyone else. Alas, I cannot put this off any longer and have now laid my thoughts out for the world to see.

With that, here are 9 Characters Who Will See Avengers Infinity War Part 2 and 1 Who Won’t.

1. Gamora

GamoraLet’s begin by getting some of the more obvious ones out of the way. Aside from both Ant-Man and the Wasp (not slated to appear), any and all of the Guardians of the Galaxy will make it out alive. Not only are each of them extremely popular, have become a cash cow for the Marvel brand and some of the most recognizable heroes not named Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America, they are set to be a part of the sure-to-be-successful, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

I’d have put Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord on the list, however, as much as he is the shining star of the soon-to-be trilogy, in my mind his star doesn’t shine the brightest. That star belongs to Zoe Zaldana’s Gamora. Alongside Scarlett Johanson’s Black Widow, Gamora has empowered women all over the world to stand up and be the strong individuals we all know them to be. Yes, Brie Larson will become the first female to star in her own solo movie but she is unproven. If that movie fails, Marvel can fall back to Gamora.

Aside from Black Widow, I believe that she (and Nebula) has the most compelling story to be told.

2. Ant-Man

Ant-Man - Scott LangI don’t have to tell you that just two months after the release of Infinity War, Ant-Man is slated to appear in his second solo, yet not so solo, movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp”.

Knowing this, I don’t believe I need to provide any further reasons that he will live to see Avengers Infinity War part 2.

3. Black Panther

Black PantherIf you had asked me before the monumental success of his own movie, Black Panther may have been on the cusp of death. Much like the way half of the Avengers rallied around the death of his father, King T’Chaka, imagine what could have/would have happened had T’Challa found himself on the wrong end of life?

No more Heart-Shaped Herbs to bring him back (Soul Stone?), no more Wakandan technology to revitalize his spirits and no more suits to protect him. If the Black Panther had fallen, the Secret Avengers (Captain America and company) would have rallied around him and done something very special.

This, of course, is all a pipedream and remains so now that Black Panther has destroyed just about every Marvel Studios record known to man. Black Panther will live and if I’m a betting man, in which I am if the bet is good enough, he will be at the forefront of the worldwide assault on Thanos and his Black Order.

4. Bucky Barnes

Winter SoldierNo one stays dead in comics except for Uncle Ben and Bucky. Ok, no one stays dead in comics except for Uncle Ben.

Bucky has unceremoniously “died” once already and there is a less than zero chance it will happen again. Not only is his character too important to the future of the MCU, Sebastian Stan is a Hell of an actor. Granted, I am biased because, as I’ve mentioned more than one time on this site, the Winter Soldier is my favorite movie but let’s not let that play a role here.

Spoiler alert….

If you’ve seen Black Panther, you know that he has returned from his hibernation healed up and ready to go. Further to that, Entertainment Weekly has released a new magazine cover confirming that he will be going by his new name, the White Wolf. Yes, this is a step down in the name category but that cannot force me to downplay his importance moving forward.

Bucky will become Captain America and I suspect that it will happen sooner (Avengers Infinity War part 2) than later.

5. Thanos

ThanosOf course, the big, bad guy that the movies have been building up will survive Avengers Infinity War.

Thus far, Marvel has divided the outcome of its villains quite nicely.

  • Red Skull – Not dead but pulled out of reality
  • Iron Monger – Dead
  • Loki – Alive and well
  • Alexander Pierce – Dead
  • Ronan the Accuser – Dead
  • Yellow Jacket – Alive and well
  • Ultron – Alive?
  • Maleketh – Let’s not talk about him
  • The Grandmaster – Alive and well
  • Killmonger – Dead
  • Vulture – Alive and well
  • Kaecilius – Alive and not well

Thanos, for all his power, will make it through at least this movie. He kind of has to. He’s a little integral to Avengers Infinity War part 2.

6. Spider-Man

Spider-ManFans around the world rejoiced when it was announced that Spider-Man would be joining his Marvel brethren and their Universe. Marvel rejoiced even more so. In fact, I can’t confirm this but I’ve heard that at the same moment, a collective volume of pee could be found streaming down the legs of all the Marvel Executives after the announcement.

There is absolutely no chance that Spider-Man doesn’t make it to Avengers Infinity War part 2. I say this even though he has been clearly shown being curb-stomped by Thanos in the trailer. Spider-Man will become the remedy that Marvel needs should Robert Downey Junior, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth walk away at the conclusion of Infinity War.

Spider-Man/Tom Holland has star power and Kevin Feige knows this. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have been so quick to give him a sequel in 2019.

Rest assured, if you were worried that Spider-Man would bite the proverbial bullet, he won’t.

7. Doctor Strange

Doctor StrangeThe Doctor Strange movie, while visually fantastic, left me a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, Benedict Cumberbatch is the only choice for the character and Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One is one of my favorite characters in the MCU but it’s everything else about the movie.

I walked away from Dr. Strange in the same manner that I walked away from Black Panther feeling. Good movie, good acting, over-reliance on GCI and computer technology. It was enough to keep me the first and second times but now, if it is brought up as a movie to watch, I find myself wanting to take a two-hour nap.

With the recent news that Marvel has added a number of movies to their slate, I can’t help but think Dr. Strange 2 will be one of them. It has to be, or at least it does if Marvel is to follow tradition. Each movie that they have released to date has had a least one shot at a sequel. For Dr. Strange to get his, he must survive…and he will.

8. Black Widow

Black WidowKleenex wouldn’t be able to keep up with production if Black Widow and her red hair, yellow hair, curly hair, straight hair, long hair, or short hair was killed off in Infinity War. Not only has she been around just as long as the most tenured characters, the world has been clamoring for her solo movie for nearly a decade. We want a Black Widow movie, we want to know about the “blood on her ledger”, her connection to the Winter Soldier, what the Red Room is (although I explain that over here) and what it is about large, green objects that she finds so fascinating.

Like Dr. Strange, with more Marvel movies coming than I can count on my two hands, Black Widow is undoubtedly set to receive her own. Or at least, she should be.

Black Widow will survive. She has to. Think about who can often be at her side…the most noble, and self-sacrificing character that the MCU has to offer in Captain America. And if he should fail, her comic book love interest, Bucky Barnes will surely succeed.

9. Incredible Hulk

Incredible HulkIn my mind, the Incredible Hulk has always been a little bit of a conundrum.

Let me explain.

What is a studio to do with a character that actually doesn’t need teammates, can single-handily turn the tide for whichever side he is on and was purposely cast out to space because he would’ve provided his team with an easy win?

That’s the problem that is the Incredible Hulk.

If I were writing the script, which I can promise you that I’m not because Marvel hasn’t called…yet, I would do everything in my power to kill off this character. For all the reasons that I have mentioned, he is a blemish on what they can do moving forward. He is the exact same problem that DC has with Superman and their movies. He is simply too powerful.

Sure, there will most certainly be a movie-stealing scene involving him and Thanos but at the end of the day, this will be overlapped by the question we will all ask. If the Hulk is nearly indestructible, why doesn’t he just stomp the shit out of Thanos and call it a day?

He will live to see Avengers Infinity War part 2 and we will ask.

1. Vision

VisionAh, Vision. Everyone’s favorite android.

My friend Vision, you will look to have died during Infinity War. You will be the rallying point that Black Panther could’ve been. You will be the reason that Tony Stark and Steve Rogers put their playground like dislike for one another aside and band together for the greater good. Vision, you will be the reason that Scarlet Witch internally explodes and finally shows what she is capable of. And you will be the reason that the team survives lives to fight another day.

And then, in your ultimate moment of glorified sacrifice, you will return. But you won’t return. Like a well-trained athlete, you will return stronger than ever in Avengers Infinity War part 2.

Yes, I know I promised that at least one character would die in Infinity War never to return but remember this…no one stays dead in comics except for Uncle Ben. Actually, there. Uncle Ben will not be in Avengers Infinity War part 2.

Be as angry as you want to be. I’d love to hear all about it down below.



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