How Much Will The Avengers Infinity War Trailer Reveal?

Avengers Infinity War Trailer

How Much Will The Avengers Infinity War Trailer Reveal?

The Avengers Infinity War trailer can’t come fast enough. It’s set to release on September 29, 2017 and I for one am pumped. I know that the heads of media are running circles around what is going to take place during that 2-minutes of pure bliss. Personally, I know as a fan that I have been waiting years for this to take place.

Think, this is only Part 1 of a 2 Part blockbuster movie. I can assume there will be some sort climatic ending to this movie that not only will leave us wanting more but going WTF as well. For now, there is only speculation on what is going to take place.

Here’s what I do know. As it stands right now, there will be several Marvel characters brought into this. Knowing this leaves me with a lot of questions to answer. Questions that the Avengers Infinity War Trailer may not answer.

How do the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy co-exist in one world?

We know that the obvious reason is to put a stop to Thanos’s Ultimate plan. Can they do it? Can they put aside their differences long enough to do it? The toughest battle might not be against Thanos. The toughest battle might be coming together as teammates.

And the leaders?

Look at Iron Man and Starlord. Talk about two leaders that have major egos. We all know what happens when there are egos involved, don’t we? What happens when these two egos spend their time battling one another? Will their leadership be affected? It either makes for lots of laughter for the audience or conflict for them.

What about who is the strongest between the teams? Will the Avengers Infinity War Trailer show who is?

Each time has their heavy hitters. The Incredible Hulk vs Drax The Destroyer. This is the classic showdown of two competitors trying to reign supreme as the toughest. Think World’s Strongest Man competition but not quite.

And what about Gamora and Nebula? Can the two sisters put their differences aside long enough to do what is necessary? Or will their hatred prevent them from doing what needs to be done? Either way, these ladies need to co-exist. Their toughest challenge won’t be Thanos. It will be whom can they rely on in the end as a team.

If the movie poster is any indication, changes are coming…but why?

We know that in Thor Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth goes about a major change in his hairstyle. Since we first saw him, it has always been long. So when he dawned a very short hairstyle, it caught most fans by surprise. Why all a sudden the short hair?

Maybe Thor is afraid of being The Hulk’s bitch and doesn’t want it grabbed?

Captain America is sporting a full beard in this film. Perhaps, this alludes to a completely different direction for Cap. Perhaps Nomad? If this is the case, this would explain if it turns out that he wanted to step away from his role or hide from the authorities.

The most drastic change has got to be Black Widow’s hair. Once red, now blonde. Might this point to the introduction of Yelena Belova? Is she the second coming of Black Widow on the MCU reset? Or is she merely trying to hide from something? Like Captain America, I guess it’s easier to use a fake name then having authorities after you.

From what we gather, the main storyline is that Thanos wants to become the conqueror and ruler of the world. Not terribly original, I suppose. Doesn’t every villain want that? Each two-part movie seems to end with a sad ending. I don’t think Infinity War will be any different. The question is, who makes the ultimate sacrifice?

How about his daughter, Nebula? Maybe she sacrifices herself to protect her father Thanos as a kind of last-ditch effort? Wouldn’t that be ironic? Swarn protector cast aside comes back to do what right for her family…

What about Captain America?

Will the Avengers Infinity War Trailer show his role in the movie?

Will Steve Rogers ideologies and courage that he brings to his leadership role continue past this movie? It’s widely speculated that either the Winter Soldier or The Falcon will be taking over the mantle if he should step down. His death would allow that to happen. His death wouldn’t be a sign of failure but a remembrance of a fallen hero.

And Iron Man?

He has been in the MCU since the beginning. What if Tony Stark’s final scene in Part 1 was that of the same direction that Captain America might do and sacrifice himself? How awesome would that be? Two leaders leaving it all on the battlefield as a way to show the ultimate form of leadership screams something that Marvel would do.

What about the less liked characters like Hawkeye?

Not to take anything away from Jeremy Renner, as he is doing a great job but I get the feeling that he will suffer the same fate as Quicksilver in Age of Ultron. His death happened and in a way, it united the team when they needed it most. Death with this character feels the same way.

All that matters is this movie is many years in the making and I am excited. The hype is on overload and the overload of characters screams “finally”! I for one can’t wait and this trailer only gets me pumped up even more for what is to come.


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