Baron Mordo: Bio, Origin & History

Baron Mordo

Real Name: Karl Mordo

First Appearance: Strange Tales 111 (August, 1963)

Powers: Energy Projection, Matter Transformation, Teleportation, Illusions, Travel to and From Other Dimensions and Time Travel.

Love Interests: Lilia (mother of his only daughter)

Enemies: Doctor Strange

Did You Know: Has a daughter named Astrid Mordo

A Little History

Hailing from the Transylvania region of Romania, Baron Mordo inherited a passion for magic from his Grandfather. He traveled to Tibet to learn under The Ancient One. When Dr. Strange arrived, Mordo had been a student of The Ancient One for years.

Immediately, Mordo had a hatred for Dr. Strange as his arrival signified that it had become increasingly difficult to kill The Ancient One. Mordo is characterized as being slightly less powerful than Strange but more skilled in hypnosis and willing to go further in dark magic.

He had decided that he need to overtake The Ancient One so that he would be considered the greatest sorcerer on the planet. Unfortunately, The Ancient One’s powers were vastly superior to Mordo leaving Mordo to make a decision. He could either kill him now or study for years and overtake him.

He decided to kill him. In this instance, Mordo used mind control on The Ancient One’s assistant and tricked him into poisoning his master. Dr. Strange, seeing that his master was in trouble, came to his aid and bested Mordo in battle. This defeat was one of the first in a long line of defeats.

Mordo desires to become Sorcerer Supreme but cannot get there as long as:

  1. Dr. Strange is alive
  2. The Ancient One lives

It is this knowledge that keeps Mordo coming back. Baron Mordo is the Yin to Dr. Strange’s Yang. The two have fought and will continue to fight for all eternity.

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