Batman: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Bruce Wayne

First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (May, 1939)

Powers: None. Genius Level Intellect, More Than Capable Detective

Affiliation: Justice League of America, Outsiders

Love Interests: Selina Kyle, Talia al Ghul

Enemies: Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Harley Quinn, More or Less, The Who’s Who of Enemies.

Did You Know: There have been 8 actors to dawn the Batman Costume on screen:

  1. Lewis G Wilson
  2. Robert Lowrey
  3. Adam West
  4. Michael Keaton
  5. Val Kilmer
  6. George Clooney
  7. Christian Bale
  8. Ben Affleck

A Little History

Making his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, Batman has always led a double life. By day, millionaire Bruce Wayne and by night, Batman.

Bruce, along with his parents, Thomas and Martha had just left the theatre and were walking home one evening. During their walk, a robber held them up at gunpoint, eventually shooting and killing both Thomas and Martha.

In the aftermath of their murder, Bruce made a vow to wage a war on crime and avenge the death of his parents. The next many years were spent preparing, training, and learning.

Realizing that the suit and tie persona of Bruce Wayne could not possibly strike fear into his enemies, he looked for a disguise. As he sat pondering, a bat flew through his open window and the rest, as they say, is history.

His search for his parent’s murderers led him to a small-time crime boss named Joe Chill. Disguising himself as a seagull in the water (I can’t possibly make this up), Batman snuck aboard Chill’s boat. During the confrontation, Batman revealed that he was the boy left orphaned by the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He then let Chill go under the promise that he would be watching his every move.

Chill asked his gang to get rid of Batman, but in a twist of irony, they killed him, blaming Chill for the creation of Batman.

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