Signaling The End Of A Great Run, Ben Affleck Is Out As Batman

Ben Affleck Is Out As Batman For DC

Daredevil… Daredevil was a mess of a movie that didn’t do anything to push the character or the characters in it forward. In truth, all it really did was lead to the even worse spin-off, Elektra. Actually, my brother loves the character so I suppose it also led to a decade of ridicule. Thankfully, Netflix and Marvel eventually came to an agreement and gave the world the Daredevil that it deserved.

I was one of the reluctant ones. After all, he had already proven that his acting style wasn’t really suited to superheroes. 

  • Pearl Harbour
  • Bounce
  • Armageddon 
  • Good Will Hunting

With Ben Affleck, there was no real reason for me to believe that he could fill the cowl of the biggest superhero in the world. 

I was wrong. 

The perfect Batman

For all the problems, fan backlash, hate, and frustrations with both Justice League and Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck was a really good Batman. He found a way to perfectly embody what it mean to be the character. It was as though he spent ten years reading all the source material and learning everything he could. 

  • What makes Batman tick
  • Why he’s so brooding 
  • How he fights
  • Batman’s naturally aggressive nature 
  • The way in which he talks
  • How he carries himself

Ben Affleck was a great Batman, maybe the best. But notice I did just use the word ‘was’.

After months of wondering if he would reprise the role in the upcoming Batman movie, we finally have an answer. No. No, he won’t. Rumour has it that the reason for his departure is the movie is looking to focus on a much younger iteration of the character. If there’s truth to this, it only makes sense. At 46 years old, he certainly doesn’t fit the bill. It makes sense that Ben Affleck is out as Batman but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Many fans, including me, want a Batman Year One Movie, which would focus on a young Bruce Wayne. But Director/Writer, Matt Reeves has said that Year One isn’t happening. 

At the end of the day, say why you want about Ben Affleck, but don’t say he’s a bad actor. When he takes on a role, he invests everything he can into it. Batman was no exception. He might very well be the best Batman in history. He was good for DC. 

Hopefully, the next actor will be too. 



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