20 Best Marvel’s Ironheart Quotes

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Ironheart is one of the most promising, exciting new characters in Marvel Comics, now also being a part of the MCU. Riri Williams appeared in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as a young, super-intelligent girl who managed to create her own Iron Suit from scrap.

Just like her predecessor Tony Stark, Riri’s extraordinary intelligence is her only ‘superpower,’ and of course, it comes with a certain flair in her personality. It resulted in some awesome, funny, smart, and sarcastic quotes, so without further ado, here are the twenty best Marvel’s Ironheart quotes in both the comics and the MCU (so far).

Best Ironheart quotes in the comics

”I’m sorry. My whole life has been older people telling me what I can’t do. Now I’m doing it… Lunella Lafayette… you’ve earned the right to make your own choices. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be one of the people keeping an eye on you.”

This quote came in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1 #15. For those who don’t know, Moon Girl is a super young girl named Lunella Lafayette, who is probably the most intelligent person on the planet, not named Reed or Valeria Richards.

Riri relates to Lunella, as everybody thinks of her as a child despite her incredible intellect. So, she lets Moon girl make her own choices but still has enough wisdom to keep an eye out on her not to allow the girl’s youth and inexperience to get her in trouble.

“I’m totally going to be Tony Stark. Except for that weird facial hair.”

I laughed out loud at this quote from Riri Williams that came in Invincible Iron Man Vol. 4 #8. It was the moment when Riri decided to honor Tony’s legacy and serve as the successor of Iron Man. The quote that essentially gave birth to Ironheart was hilarious and really showcased the character’s humorous spirit perfectly.


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“Don’t accept it. Not for a second. This is not normal. We don’t have to adapt to Hydra taking over our country.”

When there’s adversity, there are two types of people. The ones who choose to adapt and accept the unpleasant change, and those who choose to fight it and refuse to accept the ‘new normal.’

You can guess which type of person Riri is by reading this quote, which came in Champions Vol. 2 #11. There’s a good reason why Riri Williams is known as Ironheart.

“Look, even if you don’t remember who they are, the Champions still matter. If stopping this army is what’s right, then let’s do it.”

Sometimes, it’s not just about going out there and kicking ass. Sometimes, it’s about motivating, encouraging, and inspiring others. That’s exactly what Riri did when speaking to Vivian Vision in Champions Vol. 2 #26. 

This particular trait is something I love about Riri the most. She never lets her friends down and always helps them do the right thing, even though she makes mistakes, as well.

“I swear to Thor; I liked you more when you were alive.”

We know that Ironheart is Iron Man’s successor in the comics, and that mentorship continued even after Tony Stark was gone. His A.I. continued to guide young Riri, but the two weren’t always on the same page. This lovely, snarky quote was delivered by Riri in Invincible Iron Man Vol. 4 #2. I love how she replaced the word ‘god’ in the phrase with ‘Thor,’ too.

“My stepdad. It’s this thing he used to say all the time. “Those who move with courage make the path for those who live with fear.” He said it constantly. He said my mother taught him that. And I just… I was tired of being afraid. I wanted to fly.”

This quote from Ironheart Vol. 1 #1 is perhaps the most defining quote of Riri’s character she had ever made. Being brave doesn’t mean you have no fear. Being brave is pressing onward in spite of being afraid. Riri is still just a teenage girl, but she chooses to be brave in spite of everything.

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“I don’t even know where to begin. Everything has been so… so stran– I mean, so bizarre.”

This quote came in Ironheart Vol. 1 #8, and I found it so funny because it seems as if every young hero gets so confused when meeting the Sorcerer Supreme. Riri was talking to Doctor Strange, trying to explain something to him, and wanted to use the word ‘strange’ for what happened. Then she realized it might not be the best choice of words when talking to a guy named Doctor Strange.

“You’re right, okay? I am scared! You think I don’t want to suit up? Because I think about it every day. I think about all the good that we’ve done, since I suited up. I think about what I lost before I put on that suit. But I know that if we get caught, or this glitch gets so bad you can’t stop yourself from killing someone like André, I’ll get arrested. And I can’t put my mom through that. And worse, I’ll lose you. I can’t do it — I can’t lose you again.”

This is a quote from 2020 Ironheart Vol. 1 #2 that came after the Underage Superhero Act came into place, forbidding young heroes such as Riri from doing any vigilante work. I found the quote incredibly beautiful, as it showed Riri might be young, but she is very mature and responsible for her age. Well, at least sometimes!


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“I appreciate you guys bringing me on board, but I’ve never done the team thing before, so it just feels… weird. I feel weird… like I don’t belong.”

Riri became a member of the Champions in Champions Vol. 2 #19 and shared this quote when she was asked to join. Viv Vision explained how ‘weird’ is a construct born of new experiences and that they can ease each other through those experiences to grow.

Then, Riri comes out with the most hilarious quote that basically sums up the team. She says: “Translation – we’re all weirdos here, and that’s okay.”

“This — this is not going how I thought this was going to go.”

Superhero work isn’t always as glamorous and fulfilling as one might think. Riri found that the harder way in Infamous Iron Man Vol. 1 #8. It was the first real taste of adversity as a superhero for Ironhear, but Iron Man made it lighter and easier fur her after saying, ‘I’m sure I can conjure up a maniacal laugh if it will help you.’

Not the Iron Man you might think, though. This time, Riri met another (in)famous Marvel character trying to take on the Iron Man mantle…

“What’s a Thanos?”

Riri Williams is so young and inexperienced that she doesn’t even know who The Mad Titan is. This was a classic yet still hilarious quote from the girl that came after she heard of the guy from someone from the Earth-TRN591 universe.

Best Ironheart quotes in the MCU

“You need to be conscious of the way that you look! Walking around all in here with that ash on your head!”

Riri Williams is a good, smart young woman, but she is as snarky as any other teenager you can think of. This hilarious quote came when Shuri and Okoye first came to Massachusets to pick Riri up. Okoye offers Riri two choices – either come to Wakanda conscious or unconscious.

That’s when Williams spits out this burn, referring to Okoye’s head which was kind of in the wrong shade compared to her face.

“To be young, gifted, and black, though, right?”

riri quotes mcu 2

This quote came in the middle of a conversation between Riri Williams and Shuri. First, Shuri encouraged Riri by saying she should be confident about her work. She added: “Brilliance at a young age is not always accepted by the elders.” That’s when Riri answered with the quote above, showing that she could relate to Shuri’s words.

Their bond in the film was just amazing, as they actually have a lot in common. Both are seen as just kids when in fact, they’re two brilliant young women who face adversity every day and tackle it as champions. Letitia Wright and Dominique Thorne have such awesome chemistry; I really hope we’ll get to see more of them together in other MCU projects in the future.

“So, y’all stop having Black Panthers when I get kidnapped?!”

You just can’t help but find Riri Williams likable. This sarcastic quote was probably my favorite Riri line in the whole Black Panther 2 movie, and it serves as a nice comic relief in a tense situation for the characters.

It was hilariously accurate, and you kind of feel bad for the girl. She does make super-cool gadgets and high-tech stuff, but she’s still a teen with no experience in all that superhero stuff.


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“Oh crap, she’s got an Iron Man suit!”

This wasn’t a Riri Williams quote, per se, but rather a quote about her, coming from one of the police officers that raided her garage/lab. Imagine how awful the police force has it in a world riddled with superheroes and supervillains.

Like, what do you do when you have a gun as your primary weapon, facing a super-genius inside of a homemade Iron Suit? You do nothing, that’s what you do.

“I’m warning you! Do not take another step toward me!”

This was one of the first scenes in which we got to meet Riri Williams. The first moment she saw Shuri and Okoye, she instantly recognized them and was in awe. However, moments later, upon realizing what their intentions were, Riri gets defensive and actually starts throwing stuff at them, like big, heavy heaters.

It was a hilarious moment, but it showed how fiery Ironheart actually – even though she respects Okoye and Shuri, Riri doesn’t back down when she feels threatened.

“For the Queen.”

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The entire Black Panther 2 film was extremely emotional, but man, that relationship between Queen Ramonda and Riri really got me in the feels. As Namor invades Wakanda trying to murder Riri Williams, Queen Ramonda looks after her, standing in front of the girl as Namor strikes.

Moments after, the two are submerged in water, and Riri goes unconscious. She would have drowned had it not been for the Queen sacrificing to save Riri’s life. When the battle against the Talokan starts, Riri marches into battle with the Wakandans, paying tribute to the Queen with this simple but beautiful quote.

“Oh, shit, am I getting recruited?”

When you get the princess of Wakanda and the General of the Dora Milaje to come to pick you up at school, you know something big is going down. Naturally, Riri’s first thought was that she was getting recruited to join their time, possibly even the Avengers. She’d soon find out that was not the reason for the Wakandan’s visit.


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“I thought you said a merman was after me. That’s the feds.”

Federal agents come to storm Ironheart’s secret work garage. Funny enough, she is more surprised to see them rather than a literal merman. Yup, that’s how crazy Riri’s life got in a matter of hours – from being the smart kid in school to being chased by the FBI and the leader of a hidden underwater humanoid civilization.

“There’s an entire YouTube channel dedicated to sitings of me.”

Riri is a brilliant young woman who single-handedly made her own DIY Iron Suit with nothing but her brains and some scrap metal. She flew it around for quite some time – so much so that people started noticing and making a YouTube channel with videos of her flying around town.

With such a high popularity of sightings, cryptids, and other stuff in popular culture, it was a nice, funny quote that resonator with Riri’s youth.

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