10 Best Superheroes That Can Turn Invisible (Marvel & DC)

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Invisibility is one of those awesome superpowers that we all wish we could have. Well, the characters from this list don’t have to wish upon it – they already have it. Some of them use equipment, some only blend into their surroundings, and some characters can actually go invisible, run through walls, and more.

It got me thinking about all the characters who can turn invisible, one way or another, and I came up with this list. Without further ado, here’s the ultimate ranked list of the ten best superheroes in Marvel and DC comics that can turn invisible.

10. Invisible Kid (DC)

invisibility invisible kid

Invisible Kid first appeared in Teen Titans/The Legion Special #1 in 2004. His name was Lyle Norg, and he was the first character to assume the mantle of Invisible Kind before his successor, Jacques Foccart, took over the mantle.

Invisible Kid was a member of the Teen Titans and the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. His main power, logically, is the ability to turn invisible. His power, however, is quite unique, as his invisibility cloaks him not just from visual detection but also auditory and telepathic. 


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The problem is his powers are limited, and many forms of radar can detect him. Also, Invisible Kid can’t turn objects invisible when he’s, for instance, carrying them. Double that down with the fact that the character isn’t a household name in the comics and the fact that it’s the only power he has; the Invisible Kid’s placement on the list is quite fitting at #10.

9. Ant-Man (Marvel)

invisibility ant man

Ant-Man became an absolute fan-favorite character after Paul Rudd’s portrayal of Scott Lang in the MCU. However, Ant-Man appeared in the comics decades later, and the first Ant-Man was Hank Pym.

Now, Ant-Man can’t exactly turn invisible in a traditional sense, like some characters that can alter their body, wear invisibility cloaks, or refract light differently. However, Ant-Man can shrink to such a tiny size that he’s invisible to the naked eye. Moreover, if he goes subatomic and enters the quantum realm, one couldn’t even see him with a microscope.

Hence, Ant-Man might not have invisibility as a power in his arsenal, but he can certainly avoid all kinds of detection by shrinking.

8. Spider-Man [Miles Morales] (Marvel)

invisibility miles morales

Yup, you read that right! Peter Parker might’ve never had invisibility as a part of his arsenal (apart from having those awesome swiss-army-knife suits given to him by Tony Stark). However, invisibility, or Spider-camouflage – is a standard power in the repertoire of Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of the Earth-1610 universe, aka the Ultimate Marvel universe.

Miles’ body, as well as his clothing, have the ability to refract light in a way that blends him with his surroundings. Add that to his super-silent spider agility, and you have a nearly-invisible superhero that can avoid detection at will.

Just like Ant-Man, Spidey doesn’t have invisibility in the traditional sense of the word. However, the powers in his arsenal can be used in a way that closely resembles invisibility.

7. John Constantine (DC)

invisibility john constantine

John Constantine isn’t often mentioned as a DC superhero, at least not in the main ‘universe’ of characters we consider DC superheroes, like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. However, he’s a DC hero, alright, but he belongs to a more obscure, horror-ish underbelly of DC comics. 

The character grew in popularity after Keanu Reeves portrayed it in the movie Constantine (rumored to get a sequel finally), but he first appeared in Swamp Thing Vol. 2 #37 in 1985. He’s described as an occult detective from Liverpool, donning a violent, anti-social attitude and a thing for hunting demons, vampires, and other creatures of the night.

Due to years of studying the occult, Constantine became a masterful sorcerer, using magic in every way imaginable. One of his spells allows John Constantine to become invisible, or to make other items invisible, as we saw in Constantine #10 in 2014.

6. Mystique (Marvel)

invisibility mystique

Another character that has something closer to camouflage rather than invisibility is Marvel’s Mystique. However, it’s the power that Raven Darkholme is the most famous for, and she uses it to her advantage by avoiding detection and seemingly becoming invisible.

The reality is, Mystique is actually an insanely powerful shapeshifter, capable of impersonating anyone or anything in a split second. That includes her surroundings, blending in like a chameleon – or like Mile Morales, just way, way more advanced.

Invisibility can come in many forms, not just disappearing into thin air. Mystique is well aware of that, which is why she is such an awesome, ambiguous, mysterious character.


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5. Doctor Fate (DC)

invisibility doctor fate

Numerous DC characters donned the moniker Doctor Fate – basically, every character that ever wore the helmet of Nabu. The character first appeared in More Fun Comics #55, but I’m so thrilled that he finally appeared in the DCEU, portrayed by Pierce Brosnan in Black Adam (2022). He’s such an iconic character that deserved a DCEU introduction, for sure.

So, for those who don’t know, who is Doctor Fate? Well, he’s an incredible sorcerer, harnessing his powers from Nabu, an entity that can take a person as a host and bestow incredible powers upon him if the person wears the helmet. 

Among Doctor Fate’s vast repertoire of powers, most of which are based on magic, the Justice Society of America hero can easily turn invisible, seemingly at will. If we were talking strictly about sorcery, Doctor Fate would be higher on this list, but still, the top four edged him out ever so slightly.

4. The Flash (DC)

invisibility flash

You probably didn’t even know that invisibility is on the list of powers from the Flash. And, it’s not just – he can run so fast you can’t even see him. It goes beyond that. The Justice League member can actually turn invisible! It does use his Speed Force powers, of course, but in a different way than running.

You see, the Flash can vibrate his molecular structure in a way that alters the density of his body, seemingly disappearing and rendering him invisible to the naked eye. It also allows the Flash to phase shift and move through solid objects, like walls, doors, etc. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

3. Martian Manhunter (DC)

invisibility martian manhunter

The top three are absolutely bonkers, and you can probably rank them any way you want. I’ve picked the Martian Manhunter to be #3, but take it as you wish. Martian Manhunter’s real name is J’onn J’onzz, and he first appeared in Justice League of America #255 in 1986.

As you probably could guess, he came from Mars and joined the Justice League, but his powers go way, way beyond the scope of our understanding. In JLA #86, Superman himself called Martian Manhunter the most powerful being on the face of the Earth, not just physically but mentally and intellectually.

His powers include superhuman physiology, shape-shifting, elasticity, size alteration, phase-shifting, flight, rapid regeneration, telepathy… I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

Now, unlike other characters on this list, Martian Manhunter achieves invisibility by causing the biopolymers in his body to lose their ability to reflect light. If he concentrates deeply, he can become completely visible on the entire electromagnetic spectrum.


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2. Doctor Strange (Marvel)

invisibility doctor strange

Stephen Strange, aka Doctor Strange, first appeared way back in April 1963. He’s the Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth-616 universe, and there were instances in the comics when his power rose way above his normal skill set, close to the most powerful entities in the multiverse.

His normal set of powers, however, mostly revolve around mastering the Mystic Arts and, well, sorcery. Being the Sorcerer Supreme, there’s virtually nothing that doctor Strange can’t do, provided he uses the correct spell.

Invisibility is absolutely among one of his powers, although we don’t see him use it all that much in the MCU. More often, he uses astral projection to get to spots he doesn’t want to be present in the flesh, but it makes his body vulnerable while his spirit is out and about. He can, however, turn invisible, and he did so numerous times in the comics.

He’s one of the most powerful magic-wielders in Marvel’s comic book history and certainly deserves such a high ranking on this list.

1. Invisible Woman (Marvel)

invisibility invisible woman

As if I could have gone with anyone else for the number one spot on this list. Sue Storm, or Sue Richards, was the first female Marvel hero ever created, first appearing in The Fantastic Four #1 in 1961, along with the rest of the crew.

Obviously, as the moniker suggests, her main power is invisibility – she can turn invisible, pass through solid objects, and basically get anywhere she wants without a problem. She wasn’t a trained hero when she first became one, but with time, Sue became so good at her job that right now, she can essentially get anywhere without detection.

Invisible Woman is also the wife of Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, the smartest man alive, and the mother of Franklin and Valeria Richards, both of which have the potential to become the most powerful beings on Earth – maybe even the universe, if we’re talking about Franklin.

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