Black Adam: Bio, Origin & History

Black Adam

Real Name: Teth-Adam

First Appearance: The Marvel Family #1 (December, 1945)

Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Invulnerability, Super Speed, Possesses a Healing Factor, Heightened Intelligence, and can use Magic.

Affiliation: Kahndaq, Injustice Society, Suicide Squad, Monster Society of Evil

Enemies: Shazam, Marvel Family, Superman, Justice League of America

Love Interests: Shiruta (deceased), Adrianna Tomaz

Did You Know: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is slated to portray Black Adam on the Silver Screen

A Little History

Hailing from Egypt, the warrior Teth-Adam caught the attention of a powerful wizard. The wizard, Shazam, gifted Teth-Adam with the strength of six Gods so that he could protect his land and renamed him, Mighty Adam.

For the first while, he did everything he could to protect his people. As the case with villains in comics, his power corrupted him and caused him to overthrow the Pharaoh and rule the land with fear, and violence. The upheaval caused the wizard to reappear and banish the now named, Black Adam to the furthest star in the universe.

Of course, Black Adam returned. In fact, he traveled 5000 years back to Earth to unleash his revenge. His return forced the wizard to bestow his power once again. This time he gave it to the young Billy Batson and a few others. They became the Marvel Family.

The family challenged Black Adam to a battle in the wizard’s lair. They were able to defeat him by fooling him into saying the word Shazam. This, of course, returned him to his powerless, 5000-year-old mummified form. As quick as he reverted back, he died.

He wouldn’t stay dead for long as Dr. Savannah eventually brought him back to life.

Like Lex Luthor to Superman and The Joker to Batman, Black Adam is the antithesis to Shazam.

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