Black Bolt: Bio, Origin & History

Black Bolt

Real Name: Blackagar Boltagon

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #45 (December, 1965)

Powers: Quasi-Sonic Scream, Flight, Energy Manipulation

Affiliation: Inhumans, Illuminati

Love Interests: Medusa

Enemies: Kree, Skrulls, Windows

Did You Know: Black Bolt has a son named Ahura.

A Little History

Originally created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in Fantastic Four 45, Black Bolt is the leader of the Inhumans.

Born with the name Blackagar Boltagon to two Attilan Geneticists, Black Bolt, unlike most other Inhumans was exposed to the Terrigen Mist before he was born. This exposure allowed him to become more powerful than most other Inhumans. Because of his power potential, and his inability to control his Quasi-Sonic Screams, he was kept isolated until he was 19 years old.

Within a month after gaining freedom from his isolation Black Bolt was forced to use his power to stop a Kree Ship from escaping Attilan. The resulting crash killed many citizens of Attilan, two of which were his parents. It was written that should his parents die, he was to assume leadership of the Genetics Council. This is what happened.

He would find out that his brother, Maximus had made a pact with the Kree and as a result of his scream, Maximus’ developing mental powers were affected and his sanity altered.

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