If Black Manta Is Any Indication, The Aquaman Movie Will Be Awesome

The Aquaman Movie Black Manta Helmet
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If Black Manta Is Any Indication, The Aquaman Movie Will Be Awesome

Finally, we can rest easy. We all knew that the Aquaman movie would include everyone’s favorite aquatic villain, Black Manta. What we didn’t know was how he would look. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly and their “First Look” photo of the iconic villain staring into his helmet, we have something to drool over. Drool easy my friends, drool easy. Without glorifying it too much, he looks outstanding…or at least by this single picture he looks outstanding.

And, maybe it’s just me, but DC needs to provide us with something to drool over. We can only rehash the greatness of Wonder Woman so many times.


While DC has done many things wrong (at least in the eyes of the fans) they have done right by the costumes and clothing that the cast wears. From the amazing adaptation of the Battlesuit in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to the beautiful way in which Wonder Woman’s costume was brought to life, the company knows how to make a costume. After seeing the Black Manta helmet, it looks as though they will continue this trend with the Aquaman movie.

The image shows the actor, Abdul-Mateen looking into the helmet with a sort of quizzical/fearful expression on his face. Maybe it’s the way in which the picture was taken that sees him with this expression but I don’t think that it is. I actually think that he has the expression because he is worried about what he will become after he puts on the helmet? And for good reason. Black Manta is, as Samuel Jackson has famously said, one bad mother…well, you get the point.

And personally, I hope it’s because he’s afraid of what he will become.

More than just a cool piece of equipment, the helmet actually serves a purpose. First, and possibly most important, it allows him to breathe underwater. Without it, he is no different than you or I in the depths of the water. Or at least me because I can belong in the water like a snowflake belongs on a beach. Second, it acts as a weapon of sorts as it has the ability to shoot beams from its eye.

Live action debut

Black Manta made his comic book debut in Aquaman #35 a way back in 1968 and has been terrorizing the Seven Seas since.  In his initial appearance, he was found inside his submarine attempting to infiltrate and poison the citizens of Atlantis. Of course, this did not happen but it made the world and Aquaman fully aware of his existence.

As fans, we have been longing to see Black Manta make a big screen appearance. With the Aquaman movie, we will get it. And no matter the role that Black Manta ends up playing and however good or bad the Aquaman movie is, we can sleep easy knowing that at least he will look good. Although…secretly, I hope the movie is as good as the helmet.



Title Image © Entertainment Weekly

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