The 10 Most Feared Black Panther Villains of All Time

Black Panther

It’s no secret that Marvel’s Black Panther was one of the most successful superhero movies of all time. As more and more details of the sequel become released and trailers get dropped, the anticipation grows. In truth, I wasn’t much of a fan of the character before I saw him in Captain America: Civil War but most of that can be blamed on my own ignorance.

Since that movie, I have spent my time learning and appreciating the long history of the character. This, of course, includes his diverse gallery of villains. I wanted to take some time to learn a little about each one and pass that knowledge on to you. In saying that, here are 10 of the strongest Black Panther enemies.

List of the most powerful Black Panther enemies:

1. Man-Ape


Man-Ape is the Ying to Black Panther’s Yang and is one of the quintessential Black Panther enemies.

M’Baku is one of the strongest men in Wakanda. In an attempt to return the country to its primitive ways, M’Baku began working with the White Gorilla Cult. In his multiple attempts, he was thought to be defeated and killed by T’Challa but was revived. Upon his revival, he made his way to America where he joined a team of villains.

As a member of the Lethal Legion, Man-Ape was able to lure Black Panther into a trap. With the help of the Avengers, he was thwarted in his efforts. After his defeat, he was permanently cast out of Wakanda.

He later joined the Masters of Evil and was even invited back to Wakanda so that he may attend the wedding of Storm and Black Panther.

2. White Wolf

White Wolf

The adopted brother of T’Challa or White Wolf is more than deserving of being on this list.

After his parents died as a result of a plane crash, Hunter, The White Wolf was taken in by the royal family and raised as the adopted brother of T’Challa. Sadly, as the two aged, he constantly felt unequal to T’Challa and as a result of this, an intense jealousy formed.

Eventually, he gained control and became the leader of the Wakandan secret police but was cast out of the country as a direct result of the damage and over-the-top violence they committed. For these reasons and more, White Wolf needs to be on this list of Black Panther enemies.

3. Erik Killmonger

Erik Killmonger

Erik Killmonger and Black Panther have a history that could paint the sky red with blood.

Born in Wakanda under the name N’Jadaka, Killmonger was exiled from the country after his father died in a failed attempt at a coupe. From a young age, he was raised in Harlem and over time developed a deep-rooted hatred for T’Challa and Wakanda.

He returned to Wakanda with hopes and aspirations to make it great again. He did this by attempting to rid it of outside influences. Along with an ally, he attempted to kill and overthrow the regime. Unfortunately, he was killed in his attempt.

Like most comic characters, he was brought back to life by the Mandarin. Now alive and filled with rage, he was able to best Black Panther in battle and thus gained access to the heart shape herb that grants the Black Panthers their power. Not being of royal blood, the herb sent him into a coma.

4. Ulysses Klaw


We got a glimpse of Ulysses Klaw in Avengers: Age of Ultron and those moments left us thirsting for more. Klaw is one of the most feared Black Panther enemies…period.

Hearing of Wakanda from his Nazi father, Ulysses Klaue spent his early life learning and seeking the nation. As an adult, his efforts were rewarded and he found it. Upon finding it, he immediately began working to steal the precious Vibranium it housed.

In one encounter, he managed to kill T’Challa’s father T’Chaka but could not escape unharmed. T’Challa found him and was able to dismember his right arm. He returned to Wakanda to exact his revenge but was met by Black Panther and the Fantastic Four. The heroes quickly noticed that something was different this time around as he had a weapon attached to his arm.

The weapon proved to be his doom and he wound up trapped inside it as he was converted from a living and breathing man into living sound. Klaw is an anomaly in the Marvel Universe because no one is sure whether or not the man who roams Earth is the original Ulysses Klaue or a digital copy of him.

5. T’Channa (Earth-2301)


Even though she is of a different dimension, T’Channa must be on the list of Black Panther enemies.

Born as the sister to T’Challa, she recounts stories of being assaulted and beaten by her brother so that he may ascend to the throne of Wakanda. Seeing no future for herself, T’Channa leaves Wakanda so that she may develop her magical powers.

Of course, she finds her way to Latveria and quickly becomes a student to its ruler, Victor von Doom. Harnessing her powers, she waited for the perfect time and when it was right, she attacked and killed Doom. She immediately took his armor and took the throne of Latveria.

A quiet ruler, T’Channa brought about rapid advancement. In response to the United Nations unwillingness to help her people after Galactus attacked her nation, she attacked its summit and defeated the Avengers.

At this point, she took over Manhattan and began its rule.

6. Morlun


Morlun is a vampire that has remained “alive’ for centuries. He remains “alive” by feeding on the totems that are scattered throughout the world. The totems are the power source for the Universe. While he can feed on less than adequate sources (humans and the such) if he does, he must consume a pure source to completely satisfy his hunger.

Once dead, Morlun returned to life and set his sights on the Wakandan nation. His goal was to claim the Panther Totem protected by the Black Panther. In his mission to claim in, Morlun made his way through the kingdom protected by M’Baku, the Man-Ape.

He made quick work of the defenses and proceeded to devour Man-Ape by sucking the life force straight out of his body.

7. Tetu


A lesser known of the Black Panther enemies, Tetu is deserving of this list.

Once a student of the Hekima Shulē, or the Wakanda Academy, Tetu left in search of knowledge beyond what we know as the physical world. Unable to find such wisdom, Tetu returned to Wakanda but instead of its city, he lived his life in the wilderness.

Eventually, he would, in fact, return to the city, and upon his arrival, he used his now substantial powers of nature manipulation to punish any who exploited those unable to fend for themselves.

In his quest to make a better Wakanda, Tetu gathered a group of rebels and unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow the Wakandan King, the Black Panther.

8. Zenzi


The Nigandan woman known as Zenzi possesses the ability to bring forth the average person’s deepest emotions. She became the leader of the Nigandan Army and found an ally in Tetu. Once allied with Tetu, she used her powers to enrage the people of Wakanda and forced them to riot.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with T’Challa and he did his best to stop her. The first time, he was subdued by her powers and the second, she was knocked out and sent into a coma. It was only after several days that she awoke and she continued her assault on the King.

She used her powers to incite the Nigandan army and forced them to unsuccessfully march on Wakanda.

9. Reverend Achebe


It is believed that Reverend Achebe was once a farmer until Guerillas took refuge in his home. It is reported that they repaid the debt by burning his farm, repeatedly stabbing him, and taking his wife. In the ultimate act of revenge, Achebe sold his soul to Mephisto and hunted down each individual associated with his wife, close or not.

His home country bordered Wakanda and his new allies saw Achebe as a way to infiltrate the Wakandan borders. His allies began their assault on his home village of Ghudazian. Running for their lives, his countrymen fled to Wakanda and took up refugee status. While the refugees grew tired of the living conditions, the Wakandan people grew tired of the refugees.

Knowing that this was a clever ploy to lure T’Challa away from Wakanda, he played along and left his home country. While away, Achebe led a coup against him. T’Challa’s step-mother played along and aligned herself at the side of Achebe so that she could spy on him for T’Challa.

T’Challa would return, thwart his plan and send him into hiding.

10. Dr. Doom

Doctor Doom

Like so many others, Dr. Doom launched a full-scale invasion upon Wakanda so as to take the Vibranium from it.  What you may not realize is that Vibranium actually amplifies the effect of magic. Dr. Doom, who prides himself on his understanding and use of magic, knew this. Dr. Doom wanted this.

Luckily, through a combination of efforts, Dr. Doom was stopped at the gates. Unfortunately, this victory didn’t come without a price. The aforementioned Vibranium was rendered inert, thus leaving the country without its chief export.

To this day, Black Panther and Dr. Doom are sworn mortal enemies and this doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

There you have it. The 10 most feared Black Panther enemies of all time. Hope you found the list beneficial.

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