All 3 Blade Movies in Order

Blade movies in order

Eric Brooks aka Blade first appeared in the Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 #10 back in 1973. He was originally intended to be a supporting character but was received with such popularity that he got his own storylines and was adapted into numerous media over the years. Movies, TV series, and video games, and he even appeared in an animated series. In today’s post, however, we’re going to be dealing with Blade movies in particular. With the upcoming inclusion of Blade in the MCU, we thought about making a neat list of all Blade movies in their respective release order you might rewatch them and prepare yourself for what’s to come. 

How many Blade movies are there? 

There are three Blade movies in total released so far. The Blade trilogy started with the release of the movie titled Blade back in 1998. The titular character was played by Wesley Snipes. The movie received mixed reviews upon its release but was overall an instant success. 

Blade movies in order (at a glance) 

The first Blade movie released in 1998 was followed by Blade II in 2002, and the last installment in the franchise was released in 2004 and was titled Blade: Trinity. 

  1. Blade (1998) 
  2. Blade II (2002) 
  3. Blade: Trinity (2004) 

Even though Blade and Blade II originally received mixed reviews, Blade: Trinity was considered a failure in every sense of the word. The movie generated mostly negative feedback and it never managed to make more money than its predecessor Blade II. The poor performance of the third movie prompted the studio to cancel all planned future installments in the series. 


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Are Blade movies connected? 

Blade movies are connected, all three movies serve as direct sequels and are connected through storyline and characters. All three movies follow the titular character Blade as he wages wars against all vampires and only occasionally, joins forces with them to stop even bigger threats to humanity. 

Do you need to watch Blade movies in a specific order?

Blade movies should be watched in the order of release date, as that is the chronological order of the story as well. It’s not a good idea to watch them as standalone movies as you will have no real sense of the story, pacing as well as some major recurring characters. With that said, we’ve prepared for you a perfect order of watching of all Blade movies, so let’s continue. 

What is the best way to watch Blade movies?

The best way to watch Blade movies is in their original release order. Watching them this way you will follow the story chronologically and will be able to get to know the world as various new threats and new characters are introduced. You will also witness the growth of Blade as a character. The following is the correct order of watching of Blade trilogy. 

Blade movies in order – by release date 

Blade (1998) 

Blade 1998

The first movie in the Blade trilogy was released back in 1998, it was the first live-action adaptation of the already popular comic book character Eric Brooks. Blade was played by Wesley Snipes and his performance received general praise. The movie, on the other hand, received mixed reviews at best, still, it’s remembered as a fairly popular and great movie with some excellent action scenes.  

Right at the start of the movie we see Eric Brooks’ origin story. Eric’s mother was attacked by a vampire while pregnant and even though they didn’t manage to save her they saved young Eric. Eric will later become a fearsome vampire hunter due to being a half-vampire. 

His intense hatred for vampires is caused by his mother’s death naturally. And he uses his “cursed” gifts to bring some good to the world by ridding it of blood-sucking leeches. Through the events of the movie, Blade comes into a direct conflict with Deacon Frost. Deacon Frost is not a natural vampire, he was created and is thus considered inferior. He tries to climb the vampire hierarchy by summoning an ancient god of blood called La Magra. He also learns that his own blood is the key to summoning La Magra. 

Blade also attempts to cure his bloodthirst using the help of hematologist Karen Jenson, and he even discovers that his mother was alive all along. 

Blade II (2002) 

Blade II 2002

In Blade II, Wesley Snipes reprises his role and the events of the movie directly follow what happened during the first movie released in 1998. We see Blade as he searches Prague for his mentor Abraham Whistler. Blade founds him degraded and turned into a vampire, however using the serum that was developed during the first movie he manages to cure him. 

Just when he thought that things are going to get quiet for a while, there is a new breed of vampires in a town called Reapers. Reapers are rabid vampires that feast on both humans and vampires. Not only that, but they also have the ability to turn other vampires into reapers. 

Local vampire overlord Eli Damaskinos attempts to strike a truce with the Blade so they can join forces against the sudden rising danger that the Reapers present. Blade at first accepts the proposal until he learns that Damaskinos created Reapers by accident, while he was trying to strengthen his own “weak” vampire son. Once again, Blade’s blood is at the center of attention as it might be the only way to create what Damaskions is looking for. 

Blade: Trinity (2004) 

Blade Trinity 2004

Blade: Trinity is set after the events of the second movie. A group of vampires is attempting to excavate the tomb of the original vampire – Dracula. In order to do that, they need to get rid of Blade for a while so they frame him for a murder he did not commit. In a clash with FBI Abraham Whistler that we’ve seen in the previous movie dies. Blade surrenders to the FBI and is held with them until the vampire familiars pull some connections in order for the FBI to release the Blade into their custody. Blade is subsequently rescued by Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler and he joins their group of vampire hunters called Nightstalkers.

The following revelation will shock Blade, he will soon learn that the vampire managed to resurrect Dracula – the first vampire, but he has some plans for both vampires and humans that neither of the species will like. 


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Where to watch Blade movies? 

You can watch all movies in the Blade franchise on Hulu. All three installments are available on the streaming service in one convenient place. You can also check out the movies on Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service. 

Will there be more Blade movies?

There will be more Blade movies in the future. The future is looking bright for the Blade franchise as the series will be rebooted as a part of MCU’s Phase Five. Mahershala Ali is set to star as the titular character. However, not everything related to the upcoming Blade movie is good news, Bassam Tariq, left the project, and the movie is now delayed which will affect both the original release date and the MCU’s phase 5 as a whole. To replace Bassam Tariq, Lovecraft County’s Yann Demange was hired.

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