Blue Lantern Corps: Bio, Origin & History

Blue Lantern Corps
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Name: Blue Lantern Corps

Founding Members: Ganthet, Sayd, Saint Walker

First Appearance: Blackest Night #7 (April, 2010)

Created By: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reiss

Did You Know: The creators of the Blue Power Ring were former Guardians of the Universe

A Little History

The Blue Lanterns are the result of the exile of two former Guardians. These two Guardians, Ganthet, and Syad had been exiled because, while many other Guardians would not recognize the Blackest Night Prophecy, these two did.

After being exiled, the two took refuge on the planet Oydm and used what power they possessed to create the Blue Power Ring. This Ring, as it’s written was created as a way to give hope to a galaxy that was in desperate need of it. Unlike the other Power Rings, the Blue Ring does not launch itself into space and seek a user. Instead, the Blue Ring requires that members of the Blue Lanterns choose its wearer. So, with a Power Ring in hand, the two set out to find someone to wield it.

It wouldn’t take long before the two stumbled upon Saint Walker, a priest from a planet known as Astonia. Walker’s planet, Astonia, as it turns out was a dying planet. In fact, due to this, it was set to kill everyone that lived on the planet. Walker, faced with an unwinnable situation would not give up hope. In the finals days of the dying planet, he ascended to the top of a mountain and began praying for the salvation of the Astonian inhabitants.

As luck would have it, at this precise moment, Ganthet and Sayd had sent out their Blue Power Ring to find a wearer. That wearer wound up being Walker. Walker then used his newly appointed power as a way to reset the cataclysmic event that overtook his planet. While he was able to prevent its destruction, sadly, he wasn’t able to save his own family.

From this point, Walker set out in search of more like him to join the Blue Lantern Corps.

The Oath:

“In fearful day, in raging night,

With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,

When all seems lost in the War of Light,

Look to the stars– For hope burns bright!”

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