Brian Vaughn

Brian Vaughn

Brian Vaughn was born in 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio.

While Vaughn has done work on well-known characters like Batman, Wolverine, and Spider-Man, he is more comfortable working on books in which he is able to create the characters. This is no more evident than his time at Marvel where he and Adrian Alphona were tasked with Runaways. During this time he helped co-create nearly 24 new characters. The two of them would go on to work on close to 50 issues of the highly successful title. Runaways was launched during a time where Marvel was launching new title after new title and was the only one to survive the cancellation, proving the staying power of Vaughn’s work.

While Brian Vaughn in renown for his superhero work, his best work seems to come when he does not deal with superheroes.

In September 2002, Vaughn would launch arguably his most famous work: “Y: The Last Man”. This series follows Yorick Brown who is literally the last man on Earth. In the story, Yorick’s sole purpose is to find the love of his life but must deal with all the women looking for the last man on Earth.

Under the Vertigo section of DC, Brian Vaughn, alongside Niko Henrichon, created “Pride of Baghdad”. This story follows a family of lions that have escaped the Baghdad zoo and their interaction with the outside world. The story is a metaphor for the American-led invasions of Iraq.

From time to time, Brian Vaughn has been known to step outside the comic book world and into television. During seasons 3-5, he was an executive story editor, co-produced, and produced for the television series, “Lost”.

Most recently, he is involved in is own creation, Saga, under the Image brand of comics. Saga was an instant success and the first issue sold out ahead of its release date. The second release of it fared all the same. In total, it would need to be produced 5 times.

The series was met with widespread acclaim and as of 2016 is one of the best comics currently being published.

Brian Vaughn has won numerous industry awards, including Best Writer, Best New Series, and Best Continuing Series.

Best of all, like my brother and I, his wife is Canadian.

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