Bronze Tiger: Bio, Origin & History

Bronze Tiger

Real Name: Ben Turner

First Appearance: Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #1 (May, 1975)

Powers: Master of martial arts

Affiliation: Suicide Squad, League of Assassins, Global Organization of Organized Defence

Did You Know? Bronze Tiger is one of the best fighters in all of DC Comics and was involved in the training of Cassandra Cain

A Little History

At the tender age of 10, Ben Turner watches helplessly as a mugger attacks his parents. As a result of the attack, Ben lunges at the attacker with a knife and kills him. Now scared and fearing the way killing the man made him feel, Ben, searches for a sensei to teach him self control. His search leads him to Kirigi who quickly takes him under his wing. Unfortunately, he only had selfish plans and uses the prodigy for his own benefit. Due to Kirigi’s betrayal, Ben flees and finds a new sensei, aptly named O-Sensei.

New learning under O-Sensei, Ben meets Richard Dragon and the two began training together. Both Ben and Richard are near equal in all aspects of their training and quickly become master martial artists. At the conclusion of the training, which included history, philosophy, combat, and science, O-Sensei sends the two into the world to find their purpose. As a result, the two, alongside O-Sensei’s God-Daughter Carolyn Woosan, make their way to New York. After a series of events which sees Ben injured and Carolyn kidnapped, Ben and Richard set up their own martial arts school.

The premier martial arts group in DC, the League of Assassins, sees the potential and power in Ben and reaches out to him as a method of recruitment. Because he does not want to be a part of the League, Ben refuses to join. His refusal doesn’t sit well with them and the group kidnaps him. More importantly, after the kidnapping, the League of Assassins forces him to wear the Bronze Tiger mask. As a result of the Bronze Tiger mask, Ben becomes unable to control his own actions.

As the Bronze Tiger, Ben is sent out on missions that often saw him killing the enemies of the League of Assassins. 

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