Captain Nazi: Bio, Origin & History

Captain Nazi

Real Name: Albrecht Krieger

First Appearance: Master Comic #21 (December, 1941)

Powers: Giganta possesses superhuman strength, speed and stamina. He also has, after breathing in a flight gas, the ability to fly. Finally, his primary senses have been heightened.

Affiliation: Monster Society of Evil, The Society

Did You Know? Captain Nazi first appeared under the Fawcett Comics imprint.

A Little History

Captain Nazi is the creation of William Woolfork and Mac Raboy. He first appeared in Master Comics #21 back in 1941.

Captain Nazi came to be because of experimentation by his father. His father genetically modified him so that he could fight for Adolf Hitler and the Axis during the Second World War. The modifications gave him superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. Furthermore, through a special flying gas, he was is the ability to fly. Now a brand new man, he is sent off to fight the Allies as a part of Hitler’s army.

During a battle with Captain Marvel, Captain Nazi attacked two bystanders. The two, unknowing of who he was, save him by pulling him from the waters into their boat. As a result of the attack, the older of the two, Jacob Freeman, is killed and his grandson, Freddy Freeman is severely injured.  The attack left Freddy with severe spinal damage and because of this, he was now crippled. Lucky for Freddy, however, Captain Marvel arrived, gave him some of his power, and transformed him into Captain Marvel Jr. 

To this day, Freddy Freeman holds a personal vendetta against Captain Nazi for what he did.

His origin was slightly changed years later. 

In an updated origin, Albrecht Kreiger and his brother Wolf spent their youth subjected to physical punishment at the hands of their father. As he aged, so too did his commitment to the Nazi regime. In fact, his commitment was so strong that Albrecht was recruited into an experimental Nazi Super Soldier program. Due to his superiors skills, traits, and his willingness to survive, Albrecht was just one a few to survive the program. As such, he was nicknamed Captain Nazi and sent into the world as an agent of Hitler.

To ensure that the dream of an Aryan race lives on, Captain Nazi was put in a chamber and placed suspended animation. Years passed and eventually, Captain Nazi was released from his suspended state. After his release, he and Captain Marvel immediately came to blows. One of their battles saw him knocked into a lake. No different than before, he attacked two nearby fishermen, Jacob and Freddy Freeman. Once again, Freddy was left crippled and Jacob killed. Luckily, Captain Marvel shows up, gives his power to Freddy, and transforms him into Captain Marvel Jr.

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