Top 10 Cartoons I Watched While Growing Up


I love cartoons. I think at this point that is fairly obvious. And there is a special place in my heart for a very specific set of cartoons.

Saturday morning was special for me. My brother and I would go to bed on Friday, giddy with what was coming the next morning. The line up started at 8 and went all the way until noon.

As I sat back and reflected on my childhood mornings I thought that it would make a great post.

Understand that by today’s standards these timeless shows might be considered cheesy, but isn’t that what makes them timeless?


Thundercats Ho


The show in my biased opinion is to be number one. As you know, I am a massive fan. The show had one of the coolest theme songs and one of the scariest villains in Mumm-Ra. His cold, red eyes coupled with his commanding voice left every child in perpetual fear.

Thundercats Hoooo!

And all that doesn’t even take into account the show’s heroes!

X-Men The Animated SeriesX-Men: The Animated Series

The show that made it cool for my brother and I fall in love and root for superheroes.

The never-ending suspense of waiting for the next Wolverine one-liner and the constant wondering what would happen next in the 5-part series  “The Phoenix Saga”, made waking up early worth every moment.


When Disney introduced this show it caused a stir because it was violent.

While it was definitely a lot darker than other things Disney was putting out, understand that because it was Disney it couldn’t be as dark as it probably should’ve been. It aired after-school, so the mimicking eyes of children were always watching.

Either way, this fan appreciated the darker and grittier themes that they were going for.

This show worked and was something that both adults and children could enjoy.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“Cowabunga dude” revolutionized the way a generation of children spoke. I can remember being glued to the tv set studying and learning their phrases and even trying to mimic the ninja moves I saw.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on pizza.

Good times, though!

Batman The Animated SeriesBatman: The Animated Series

We have known Batman for so many years. He started on the pages of a comic and quickly wound up being played on screen by Adam West. Yes, Adam West. Mr. Campy, but cool.

Not to take anything away from Mr. West because at that time he made Batman extremely popular.

When Batman: The Animated Series debuted it was cool to see the darker colors contrasting with a 1950’s noire look.

It brought Batman back to his roots. He did and does walk a fine line while to serving his form of justice.

Don’t forget Mark Hamill. His now iconic role as Joker and the laughter that goes along with it will forever be etched in your mind.

My Pet MonsterMy Pet Monster

Well, I don’t know about you, but I will never forget this theme song. Is there a more catchy cartoon song around? Hum it. I dare you. Not only will it be stuck in your head but you are likely to have someone around you chime in and hum along.

The idea of having your own Monster to cause mischief or having him scare your neighbor’s dog was just too good to pass up. Who didn’t want to have the only key to making Monster come alive?

That is Monster-rific!

Spider-Man The Animated SeriesSpider-Man: The Animated Series

Along the same lines of X-Men: The Animated Series, this show made Spider-Man jump right out of the pages of comics.

He was literally alone with no one to help him in this series and this made it all the more intriguing.

It introduced the world to so many of his famous enemies; enemies that would eventually appear in so many of today’s movies.

There is a reason why after all these years he is still widely recognized as one of the best comic book heroes.

Astro Boy


This show brings back memories of being late for school.

Once the theme song played, Joel and I always found it difficult to leave the house. We wanted to know exactly how Astroboy was going to get out of whatever predicament he had found his way into.

Once this was learned, we raced as fast as our little legs would carry us in an attempt to get to class on time.

Darkwing DuckDarkwing Duck

If there was ever a show that tried to replicate the success of Batman, it would be this one.

The comparisons are limitless.

The theme song is classic and my ears open right up when I hear it.

Don’t yours?

Who could forget some of the memorable quotes like “I am the terror that flaps in the night” or “I am the low ratings that cancel your program.”

I rest my case.

Spider-Man 1967

Spider-Man, 1967 series

Yep, the classic one.

I wasn’t around when it originally aired, but I’ve caught every episode played in syndication.

This theme song is as recognizable as the Batman one starring the aforementioned Adam West.

Looking back on it, the imagination that Spider-Man had is laughable. How many times could he use his web shooters to make whatever he needed?

Shield – No problem

Boxing gloves – Yep

The best part was the sound effects that the audience heard every time he got hit.

I sat there patiently waiting for the note that he would attach to each villain he bested. With a simple sentence, “From your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man” you knew that the episode was finished.

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