Cassian Andor: Bio, Origin & History

Cassian Andor Spin-off

Real Name: Cassian Andor

First Appearance: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (December, 2015) 

Powers: None

Affiliation: Rebels

Did You Know? Cassian Andor was a part of the Rebel Alliance for his entire life. He, like so many before and after him, lived and breathed their cause.

A Little History

Born on the planet Fest in 26 BBY, Cassian Andor was an intelligence officer and pilot who fought in the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. His final mission saw him, alongside Jyn Erso, successfully steal and release the Death Star plans to the Rebels from Scarif.

Cassian Andor was pushed into the Galactic Battle at a very young age. In fact, one of his first tastes of the war saw him recruited by General Davits Draven to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Over the course of his life, Cassian Andor was involved in many missions and battles. Some of these include the Mission to Wecacoe where he was sent to extract Imperial Security Protocols and befriended K-2SO, the Ring of Kafrene where he first learned of the Death Star, the Mission to Jedha where he reluctantly helped Jyn Erso find Saw Gerrera, and his involvement on Eadu where he watched as Galen Erso was killed during a Rebel attack.

Cassian Andor met his demise on the planet Scarif where he and a team of Rebels acquired and transmitted the Death Star Plans to the Rebels above. This was not at a loss, however, as of the entire team deployed, none returned. If not for his heroics the tides of war may never have changed and the Empire might still be in power. 

Well connected, Andor had a large number of believers in peace and freedom feed him information about the Empire. This made him invaluable to the Rebellion.

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