Chameleon Boy: Bio, Origin & History

Chameleon Boy Origin Story

Real Name: Reep Daggle

First Appearance: Action Comics #267 (August, 1960)

Powers: Shapeshifting

Affiliation: Legion of Superheroes

Did You Know? Chameleon Boy is the son of Legion of Superheroes creator and financer Ren Daggle. 

A Little History

Created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney, Chameleon Boy first appeared in side the pages of Action Comics #267 back in August of 1960.

Coming from the planet Durla, Chameleon Boy has the inherent ability to shape-shift. This means that he can transform himself into any individual or being that he comes into contact with or lays his eyes on. 

The citizens of Durla acquired their ability to shape-shift due to the violent and war-like nature of the species. At a young age, Reep Daggle was caught in the middle of an outbreak that culminated in the Six Minute War. As a result of the war, nuclear radiation caused the inhabitants to mutate and develop the ability to shape-shift. The war also left the planet in rubble and forced the people to find a way to survive. Their new ability ensured their survival as they were able to hide and protect themselves when trouble arose.

Reep and his brother Liggt were born as twins to Zhay Daggle and Ren Daggle. Shortly after their birth, their mother died and father left. Their father left because he contracted a disease known as Yorggian Fever. Because Yorggian Fever suppresses the power to shape-shift, Ren Daggle was stuck in human form and now known as R.J. Brande. He and his brother were then forced to fight to the death by something known as the Durlan Right of Survival. Much to the sadness of Reep, he beat his brother and killed him.

Legion of Superheroes

Turned off by the primitive and violent culture of his people, Reep left for Earth and applied to be a member of the Legion of Superheroes. He was accepted into the Legion and served their ranks for many years. As an important member, Chameleon Boy was the founding member and leader of an offshoot of the group known as the Legion Espionage Squad. 

One day R.J. Brande became ill and was only able to be saved by a blood transfusion. The Legion learned that he was, in fact, a Durlan and the only one who could save him was Reep. It was during this time that Brande revealed that he was his father and that he took great joy in watching his son grow up.

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