Circe: Bio, Origin & History

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Real Name: Circe

First Appearance: Wonder Woman Volume 1, #37 (September/October, 1949)

Powers: Complete control over magic and sorcery. This means that she can raise the dead, fire blasts of magical energy, create illusions, teleport, and more. She can also turn men into animals and control the minds of others. 

Affiliation: Injustice Gang

Did You Know? Circe is one of Wonder Woman’s oldest enemies.

Over the years there have been many iterations of Circe. While most have changed her physical features and other small details, all have kept a few things constant. Most notably of these, her beauty, her love for sorcery, her desire to turn humans to animals, and her appetite to humiliate others.

In original continuity, Circe is depicted as an extremely old enchantress. Her age, however, doesn’t match her beauty. To keep herself looking young, Circe ingests an elixir known simply as Vitae. While living on the island Aeaea, Circe becomes proficient in magic. This was so much that she began turning men into the animals they most resembled. It may seem funny but her trickery caught the attention of Queen Hippolyta. Hippolyta, none too pleased with her doings, banished her to the space island Sorca. 

Eventually, Circe escaped her banishment and upon doing so, hears that Hippolyta has had a child. She learns that the child, Diana, is someone that she should not take lightly. In fact, it’s foretold that Diana, if left to live, would wind up being her undoing. 

During the Post Crisis era, Circe is actually the offspring of Hyperion and Perseis. Like before, she is a capable enchantress and takes great joy in turning men into animals. Unlike before, she is a follower of the Goddess, Hecate.

Even though Hecate was a Goddess, she was not considered at level with the other Greek Gods. Due to this, she marries Hades. The marriage wouldn’t last and eventually Hades takes a new wife. He then demotes Hecate to become his new wife’s handmaiden. This causes Hecate to become angry. Because of this, she leaves the Gods and gives her power and soul to her most loyal follower, Circe. 

After Hecate gave her power and soul to Circe, she says these important words, “Upon the death of witch and the birth of witch, Hecate, by name and choice, shall repossess her soul.” What’s important to know is that Hecate is also the Goddess of the Moon. After reciting the prophecy, Circe learns of Hippolyta’s daughter Diana, and instantly believes the prophecy refers to her. This happens because Wonder Woman shares her name Diana with the Moon Goddess. This knowledge is central to understanding the hatred Circe has for Wonder Woman.

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