Have We Reached The Point Of Too Many Comic Book Movies?

Comic Book Movies

Nearly 20 years? It has been nearly 20 years?!? We live in a fortunate time period. For nearly 20 years the world has bombarded us with comic book movies and for all but a few, they’ve been amazing.

Who could have predicted that 2000’s X-Men would have set off a fan base that has become rabid for more?

The genre as a whole has transcended the entire movie industry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The movies, the characters, and storyline have affected all aspects of pop culture. This includes, but is not limited to quotes, costumes, and citywide events. Without giving it too much credit, the genre has become a juggernaut that has and will continue to gross billions of dollars.

The question is how much is too much? Have we reached our breaking point and are we getting tired of being inundated with comic books and comic book movies? Movies have been slated until 2023 but have we grown tired of opening our wallets?

For some, it won’t matter. They will (myself included) continue to pour money into the belly of the beast. We have been waiting our lifetimes for this and now that it is finally here, there is no way we are letting it fizzle out.


How about 2053?

I enjoy sitting back and soaking in every single moment of all comic book movies each time I go and see it on the big screen.

From a business standpoint, can you blame the companies for cramming more and more down our throats? Wouldn’t you?

  • Box office tickets
  • T-shirts
  • Comic books
  • Toys (conveniently pushed towards the impressionable children)
  • Home movie releases
  • Strategic brand partnerships
  • Costumes
  • and the list goes on

As a fan, I can’t stress enough how much I love this. I remember growing up and living in a time where it was considered geeky or nerdy to be a fan. Now, if you don’t like the movies, you’re the odd one out. Watching this generation’s children grow up in this brings tears of joy to my eyes. That little guy inside of me who never grew up has the biggest smile on his face.

But then there’s the other side…

It could be argued that the comic book industry has become stale with its stories. They have seemingly continued to rehash storylines of old and that they are unable to produce anything new and fresh.

I’ve been in the theatre and watched people leave with the complaint that the movies are predictable.

  • Audience meets hero
  • Audience meets villain
  • Hero learns of villain
  • Villain beats hero
  • Hero regroups
  • Hero fights villain in the exact same battle as other movie and wins

And it doesn’t just end on the silver screen.

Television networks have jumped on board to get their piece of the proverbial pie. Netflix, ABC, Fox, and NBC…the whole gang is there. The problem with this is that over saturation can (and has) led to lackluster outings. If you don’t believe me, go watch the first season of Gotham or Iron Fist.

I guess that this is the chance that the genre has to take…every now and then there will be a dud.

But who has the time to siphon through them all to find that one dud? With an endless array of shows to choose from, how can any person, let alone a fan like myself, filter through everything? Actually, not even filter through everything but watch everything?

All this aside, I say keep ’em coming. I personally cannot wait for the next slew of movies, shows, books, and everything else related to come out. I enjoy spending my hard-earned money, even when it leaves me questioning why I paid for this shit.

So I say, hop on the train and enjoy the ride. Bring on more comic book movies. It won’t last forever.



Title Image © Ryan C
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