Comic Book Origins: Justice League of America

Comic Book Origins: Justice League of America

Name: Justice League of America

Founding Members: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Martian Manhunter

First Appearance: Brave and The Bold (March, 1960)

Created By: Gardner Fox

Did You Know: While in the story, Superman and Batman were not a part of the very first JLA battle

Comic Book Origins: Justice League of America – A Little History

After appearing in The Brave and The Bold #28, the Justice League of America transcended the comic book genre. Interestingly, in their first appearance, they are treated as a team that already exists. Their origin is actually told in Justice League of America #9.

The story explains that Martain Manhunter had received a tip that civilians were being turned to stone. Upon investigating, he quickly learned that the cause of the activity was a Stone Giant. He quickly used his mind-reading abilities to learn that the Giant was just one of many creatures from another planet, and they had come to wage war and appoint a leader to the inhabitants of Earth.

After subduing the giant, Martian Manhunter made his way to the next monster sighting. While this was happening, Aquaman had also been investigating a strange appearance. During his investigation, he came across a sea creature that was made of glass. Sensing a threat, Aquaman and the fish around him began to unleash a high-frequency noise. The creature was no match for the noise and it instantly shattered.

And so it begins…

Meanwhile, on Paradise Island Wonder Woman encountered a creature made of Mercury. Wonder Woman was able to best the creature by using her Lasso of Truth to spin the creature around until the velocity of the spin caused it to reach its boiling point. Finally, and not to be left out, Green Lantern and The Flash also encountered creatures.

After besting each of their individual opponents, each hero arrived at the same scene to find a creature that utilized wood-based powers. The creature immediately used his powers to transform each member of the team into wood. With some quick thinking, Aquaman used his powers to uncover Green Lantern’s ring. He then, in turn, used his ring to reveal the face of Martian Manhunter. Martian Manhunter then used his breath to push Wonder Woman into the path of Green Lantern’s beam, freeing her Lasso. She then used the Lasso to tie up the villain and rub him. The result of the rubbing left the creature without its wooden skin and defeated.

They left the scene and found that Batman and Superman had also been battling a creature. This creature had come from a Kryptonite meteor. The story shows Batman using his plane to take the meteor away and Superman using his strength to rub the creature the wrong way. By doing so, he was able to reverse the makeup of the creature and turn it into coal.

Now victorious, the seven realized that they are individually strong but together they are unstoppable. And that’s it for Comic Book Origins: Justice League of America.



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