The Top 10 Superheroes Who Use Fire in Marvel & DC (Ranked)


As far as superheroes who use fire, there is no shortage of candidates who could’ve made this list. As one of the most powerful elements in nature, fire has been a fascination with humankind since we learned to create it. We watch as it rips through forests and we attempt to control it around a campsite. We fear it just as much as we love it. Because of our fascination with it, fire has made its way into comic books. In fact, fire and superheroes go hand in hand. 

Think about it. Most teams have either a member who can wield it or one who is the living embodiment of it. 

  • X-Men
  • Fantastic Four
  • Justice League
  • Global Guardians

and more. 

But of all the superheroes who use fire, who are the ones deserving to be on this list? 

Great question.

Here are the best superheroes who use fire.

List of superheroes who use fire

10. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Origin

The name and powers of the Ghost Rider have belonged to many Marvel heroes. Of them, none are as known or important as Johnny Blaze. 

After a series of failed deals, Mephisto, the devil of the Marvel Universe, bonded Johnny’s soul with the demon Zarathos. Upon their bonding, Johnny was transformed into the living embodiment of Hell, the Ghost Rider. As the Ghost Rider, Johnny is one of the most powerful beings in Marvel. 

That, however, isn’t what makes him awesome. 

What makes him awesome is that not only does he ride around on a flaming motorcycle, but he also has a flaming skull for a head

9. Fire

DC Comics Fire

Different from almost all of the others on this list, Fire wasn’t created inside the pages of a comic book. Instead and like Harley Quinn, she was created in an animated television show. Once flipped over to comic books, the Green Flame (as she was known) became Fire and immediately took ranks within the Global Guardians. 

As one of the ten superheroes who use fire, Fire can completely cover herself in a green flame, fly, project fire from her body, and more. Although she hasn’t been seen as much lately, make no mistake Fire is not a character who shouldn’t be taken lightly or forgotten. 

8. Firestar


No different than Fire, Firestar was not created inside the pages of a comic book. Firestar was a new creation made for the animated television series “Spider-Man’s Amazing Friends”. Firestar transitioned to comic books in her own series and slowly cemented herself as one of the best superheroes who use fire.

As a fire user, Firestar is a mutant who generates heat and is able to fly. Her ability to fly comes from the way in which she manipulates microwave radiation. If this sounds dangerous, you’re right. Over the course of her history, her exposure to microwave radiation has caused her all sorts of medical problems. Because of this, Firestar is a little bit of an anomaly inside Marvel.

7. Sunfire


Created by the legendary Roy Thomas and Don Heck, Sunfire first appeared inside the pages of X-Men #64 back in 1970. 

Sunfire is a mutant who hails from Japan. As a mutant, Sunfire is blessed with the ability to control fire. But that isn’t all. Aside from being able to do traditional things that superheroes who use fire can do (project fire and the like from his fingers), Sunfire shares a close bond with solar radiation. This means that he can also fly and see the world on an infrared level.

6. Firelord

Marvel Firelord

In another life, Pyreus Kril was one of, if not the best member of the Nova Corps. During one of his excursions as a member of the Nova Corps, his closest friend Gabriel Lan was taken captive by Galactus. Without giving a second thought, Kril set out to find his friend.

After an exhaustive search, Kril found his friend but it was too late. While under captivity by Galactus, Lan accepted and became Galactus’s newest herald. Worse yet, as his herald, he died in combat. Seeing this, Kril accepted the newly opened position as Galactus’s herald and was transformed into Firelord.

5. Phoenix

Marvel Phoenix

If you’ve heard of the X-Men then I feel it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve heard of Jean Grey. 

Before her time as Phoenix, Jean Grey was a powerful mutant. As a mutant, she could move objects with her mind, control others, and talk to anyone she wanted by placing her voice in their heads. While her power wasn’t quite on the same level as Charles Xavier’s, it was hauntingly close. That’s why when she bonded with the Phoenix Force to become the Phoenix, the world trembled.

As Phoenix, Jean was capable of doing anything her mind could think of…and she did. I’d argue that she became not the most famous of the superheroes who use fire, but instead, the most overpowered.

4. Jim Hammond

Marvel Jim Hammond

As the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond was as much of a lock for this superheroes who use fire list as any. If not for him and his incredible early popularity most other heroes on this list would’ve probably never been created. In truth, the idea of using fire as a type of superhero power should be attributed to him.

Put it this way. Jim Hammond was so popular that he was one of the original Invaders. This means that along with Captain America and Namor, he spent World War Two fighting off Nazis. His popularity was so high that eventually he was given Toro, his very own sidekick. 

3. Firestorm

DC Firestorm

What makes Firestorm unique as compared to everyone else on this list is that he’s actually two people in one. 

The original Firestorm was the creation of Gerry Conway and Al Migrom. In his initial appearances, Firestorm is both high schooler Ronnie Raymond and Physicist Martin Stein. The two were linked to one another after they were caught in a nuclear explosion. 

As Firestorm, it’s Ronnie Raymond who is mostly in control. This means that Ronnie controls the body, mind, and spirit of Firestorm while Martin Stein is relegated to being a mind in Ronnie’s mind. If this sounds confusing, it kind of is. Basically, Ronnie control Firestorm and Martin acts as his conscience and mentor. Think Jiminy Cricket to Pinnochio.

2. Sunspot

Sunspot, along with Cannonball, Karma, Mirage, and Wolfsbane, was an original member of the New Mutants. His power, like the New Mutants team, has changed over the years to suit whoever is writing him. As a consequence, he could only originally store solar energy from the sun. With the sun’s energy stored, he was able to enhance his own strength, speed and traits like that. Over time and as the writers changed, his powers also included both flight and fire projection.

What makes Sunspot unique is that he is one of the youngest on this list. As one of the youngest, his potential is also the highest. Roughly translated this means that he could very well take the number one spot in the near future.

1. Human Torch

Human Torch

When it comes to thinking about comic book superheroes who use fire, Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, is almost always the first to mind. 

The Human Torch is a member of the Fantastic Four. Along with the other members, he received his powers after being exposed to cosmic radiation. The Human Torch is a, no pun intended, bright spot on a team whose history includes planet-devouring entities, men on surfboards, insects, the Negative Zone, and a man who lives his entire life encased in a metal suit. His success has given nearly everyone on this list their success.

And that’s it. The best superheroes who use fire. What do you think? Who would make your superheroes who use fire list?

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