Could Thanos Defeat Darth Vader? The Answer Comes from Darth Vader Himself!


Both Thanos and Darth Vader stand as iconic villains in their respective fictional universes. Thanos is often hailed as Marvel’s formidable antagonist, wreaking havoc across the franchise despite facing characters more powerful than himself. Meanwhile, Vader was the epitome of evil in the Star Wars saga until his redemption in Episode VI, overshadowed only by Emperor Palpatine but remaining a symbol of the franchise.

Both are undeniably powerful, but who would prevail in a battle between them? The debate seems to have reached a conclusion.

Who settled the debate? None other than Darth Vader himself! Hayden Christensen, known for his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader in Star Wars, recently addressed fan questions, including one about this very topic. Curious about Christensen’s response? Keep reading to find out!

In the latest GQ video featuring Hayden Christensen, titled “Actually Me,” he goes undercover online to respond to real comments from fans on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, and more. The official introduction sets the stage: What are his current hobbies? What’s his favorite Star Wars movie? Does he have a specific order for watching all the Star Wars films?

Christensen collaborated with GQ in a unique way, delving online to answer questions, edit information, and share intriguing new insights with viewers.

It was entertaining to watch, and we learned a great deal about the actor’s personal and professional life (unfortunately, ‘Jumper 2’ isn’t in the works, but he could return for ‘Ahsoka’ Season 2!). One of the questions he addressed was about the Thanos vs. Darth Vader debate, and here’s what we discovered:

Who would win, MCU Thanos or Darth Vader? No extra round bst. Thanos with his glove and Stones versus Vader and his lightsaber.

Obviously Vader, right? Definitely Vader. Vader beats everybody, always.

Source: YouTube

And that settles it, doesn’t it? According to Christensen, there’s no chance Thanos could defeat Darth Vader. Given Christensen’s intimate knowledge of Vader, his opinion carries weight, doesn’t it?

What are your thoughts? Could Vader truly triumph over Thanos, or would the Infinity Gauntlet’s power exceed Vader’s Force abilities? We’d love to hear your take on this, so share your thoughts in the comments below!

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