Count Dooku: Bio, Origin & History

Count Dooku

Real Name: Count Dooku 

First Appearance: Star Wars Attack of the Clones

Powers: Sith Lord capable of using the Dark Side of the Force

Affiliation: Sith

Did You Know? Count Dooku is only second to Master Yoda in Lightsaber combat

A Little History

Born on the planet Serenno to a wealthy family, Count Dooku was heir to a vast empire. At a young age, he was found to be Force-sensitive and whisked away to become a Jedi. Under the guidance of Thame Cerulian, Dooku quickly rose the ranks of the Jedi. Eventually, he landed the prestigious role of instructor and gained fame for his abilities as a swordsman. In fact, his abilities rivalled that of Mace Windu and was second only to Master Yoda. 

He fought alongside the Jedi for the near entirety of his life. Sadly, after the Battle of Galidraan left Hundreds of Mandalorians dead by the hand of the Jedi, Dooku became disillusioned with the Order he swore to serve. This, coupled with the influence that Chancellor Palpatine had over him, forced him out of the Jedi Order.

Dark Side

Shortly after leaving, he learned that Palpatine was the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. With this knowledge, he joined Palpatine and was given the name Darth Tyranus.

He, along with Darth Sidious set out to force a war between conflicting planets. This act set into motion what would become the Clone Wars. The Clone Wars led to the Galaxy-wide reclamation by the Sith.

Count Dooku became the face of the separatist movement. While Palpatine controlled what he did, many thought that he was behind the war. To keep up with the charade, Dooku took on and trained some of the most feared Sith the galaxy had ever seen. Most notably of these were Asajj Ventress, Quinlan Vos, and Savage Opress. The reason for this was twofold. First, it allowed Palpatine to execute the most elaborate plan in the Galaxy. And second, the very nature of the Sith is a betrayal. Because Dooku was a Sith, he always looked to find a way to betray his master. As such, he needed an apprentice.

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