CW Exec Calls ‘Superman & Lois’ Final Season “Emmy-Worthy”

Superman Lois Cancelled by CW The Show Will End with Fourth Season

Despite not being connected to the larger Arrowverse, ‘Superman & Lois’ is easily the best CW superhero show in terms of quality writing. The show did have its ups and downs, especially last year.

After Nexstar acquired CW and the network was bound to be restructured, ‘Superman & Lois’ survived the onslaught during which many shows were canceled. This led to some of the main cast being let go, fewer writers, and the episode count was slashed compared to previous seasons. Now after several months of filming the last season of ‘Superman & Lois’ has wrapped filming, ready for the Fall 2024 release date.

Now a few months before the show is about to air, The CW’s President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz has nothing but words of praise for the final season of the popular superhero show. Speaking with TVLine he explained that you can watch this season without watching any of the previous seasons of the show, calling it “a self-contained narrative arc.”

I have watched nine of the 10 episodes and [they are] f–king awesome. It is weekly event television. Greg Berlanti and the producers have constructed 10 bangers. They really go for it. I’ve cried twice watching [the first nine episodes], and I haven’t even gotten to the finale yet. It’s Emmy-worthy. And, by the way, you can watch this final season without having watched the previous [seasons] and still be emotionally invested in what is happening. It’s a wonderful, 10-episode, contained arc.

The last season of ‘Superman & Lois’ will consist of 10 episodes and is supposed to air sometime in the Fall of this year. The show has moved its release day from regular Wednesdays to Thursdays recently.

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