Cyborg: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Victor Stone

First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 (October, 1980)

Powers: Super Strength, Advanced Technology, Genius-Level Intellect, and Durability

Affiliation: Teen Titans, Justice League

Love Interests: Marcy Reynolds

Enemies: Darkseid, Deathstroke

Did You Know: Cyborg was promoted to the Justice League in the new 52 comic series.

A Little History

Born to scientist parents, Victor Stone was the constant subject of their experiments. He grew up in a lab and as such was underdeveloped socially. Seeing this, his parents sent him to public school and it was there that he took a liking to athletics and befriended a student named Ron. The two would become close and eventually, Ron would ask Victor to participate in a fight between his gang and a rival white gang known as the Hawks. Unknowing of what he was getting into, Victor accepted.

He quickly realized that the fight was real and that it was actually a racial war. To their disappointment, Victor told his parents what had happened. Enraged by his parent’s disappointment in him, Victor left and ran back to his friend, Ron. Ron immediately asked Victor to participate in another war based on a racial conflict which he quickly declined. 

A short while after, he visited his parents at their lab only to find that their Dimensional Probing Experiment had backfired. The creature that came through the portal quickly killed his mother and turned its attention to Victor. The attack literally dissolved portions of his body, leaving him in a state of disrepair. 

In shock, Victor’s father went to work and began to bond his body to an experimental suit that he had been working on. The operation was a success but it left Victor mortified by what he had become. 

Unable to fit in, Victor left for Hell’s Kitchen. It was there that he was once again prompted by Ron to join him in a terrorist attack. Eventually, he agreed but instead of helping them, he revealed that he was there to stop them. It was these events that led Victor Stone to becoming Cyborg.

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