Daniela Melchior on Returning to Gunn’s DCU: “I’m Open To Explore Another Character”

Daniela Melchior On Returning to Gunns DCU Im Open To Explore Another Character

Following several unsuccessful releases, DCEU as we knew it was abandoned with James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over the soft-rebooting of the entire cinematic universe. Fans held onto hope that in some of the franchises from DCEU, actors and characters would reprise their roles in the DCU, sadly, the only projects currently planned to make the transitions are ‘Blue Beetle’ and ‘Peacemaker’ as Gunn has further plans for both actors and their respectable characters.

Several projects are currently in development as part of the DCU.

One of the highly polarizing movies that was released as part of the DCEU was ‘The Suicide Squad,’ also one of the franchises that didn’t make the cut. Recently Daniela Melchior who portrayed Ratcatcher 2 in ‘The Suicide Squad’ answered several questions related to her possible return to Gunn’s DCU in her interview with Nestor Cine. She cleared up that she would love to return as ‘Ratcatcher 2’ but is open to exploring another character as well.

I’m open to explore another character, but I’m also open to explore more Ratcatcher 2 background, or even like, her future. I’ve been saying that Ratcatcher 2 is taking a nap right now but I can’t wait to wake her up.

‘The Suicide Squad’ might be done, but there is still an opening for Daniela to reprise her role in ‘Peacemaker’ as the character did appear in ‘Peacemaker’ Season 1 in the form of a flashback. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Ratcatcher 2 is canon to the newly-established DCU as Gunn was clear that only the second season of the show will be canon, with the transfer to the new universe taking place in the second season.

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