10 DC Heroes Who Don’t Need Superpowers To Win

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Last week I wrote a similar Top 10 List about Marvel Heroes who I believe don’t need superpowers to win.

The selection process was pretty simple as anybody on that list has a proven track record of success. Characters like Iron Man, Black Widow, Bucky Barnes, and Hawkeye all made this list. Once I finished that list, I thought to myself that it would be really awesome to do a corresponding DC list.

Without further delay, I bring you 10 DC Heroes Who Don’t Need Superpowers To Win.

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Is there a more obvious choice?

Didn’t think so.

Bruce Wayne has an arsenal of weapons, supplies, and resources at his disposal which has made him the poster child for crime fighters.

Don’t just assume that because he is a billionaire and can afford all the aforementioned things above that this is the reason he is the perfect crime fighter.

No, he is the perfect crime fighter because he can go toe-to-toe in combat with the best of them and usually come out on top.

Green Arrow
Green Arrow

Another rich character who can practically afford anything?


Oliver Queen, while stranded on an island, took it upon himself to learn the bow and arrow. Through this knowledge and practice, he has become the quintessential marksman in the DC Universe.

His bag of arrows is as diverse as they come.

Explosive Arrows – Check

Net Arrows – Check

Glue Arrows – Probably, check

Love Arrows – Maybe not

Never one to shy away from a battle, Oliver Queen has proved himself worthy of this lis


Before you get excited, this isn’t the Catwoman that Warner Bros. made a mockery of in that movie a few years back. Even as good as Anne Hathaway was, in my mind, Michelle Pfeiffer epitomized that role and forever will be known as Catwoman.

Selina Kyle literally let the cat out of the bag.

Walking a very fine line between a hero and a villain, Catwoman is a professional thief, master gymnast and has won the heart of Batman on more than one occasion.



No, not the weapons that Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles uses. Katana, as in a member of the Suicide Squad.

Skilled in swords and possessing a sword that captures the souls of whomever it defeats, Katana is a valuable member of any team she is on.

Katana, like a few others on this list, teeters on the edge of hero, often finding herself seeking justice no matter the cost.

All that aside, Katana is one of the most feared and dangerous powerless characters in the DC Universe.


Question: What do you get when you cross a one-time sidekick to Batman and a paraplegic?

Answer: Oracle.

The hero once known as Batgirl, retired from her life of crime fighting only to be paralyzed by the Joker in the Killing Joke storyline.

Instead of letting her disability bog her down, Barbara Gordon used her photographic memory, intelligence and computer skills to aid superheroes all over the world.

Tell me, if you controlled the moves of every superhero on the planet, would that not make you the most powerful person on the planet.


One time sidekick to Batman, Dick Grayson took it upon himself to leave the large shadow that Bruce Wayne had cast to become his own version of a hero.

How could he not be?

Look who he learned from.

Much like a few others on the list Dick Grayson is a master martial artist and detective. Although, he can add acrobat to that list from his time with “The Flying Graysons”.

Aside from that, he is proficient in weaponry of all kinds, most notably his set of clubs that he can throw and always have them return to him.

To put it bluntly, his suit has more weapons and gadgets than the suit of Inspector Gadget.


Another hero who teeters on the edge of being a hero?

Almost like it’s a trend, right?

Have you ever heard the expression, “looks that can kill”?

Rorschach has but doesn’t live his life by it.

Why would he? He is capable of making tools and weapons out of everyday, ordinary items that he can use to benefit his cause.

Rorschach could easily be the Mike Tyson of the comic world, being skilled in boxing and all sorts of street combat. He is a master interrogator, often using violence and punishment as a means of getting the information he needs. Finally, he has genius-level intellect, specifically in political science, and religious education.


Yes, there have been a few versions of Huntress.

I know that.

For the purpose of this countdown, I choose to include the Helena Bertinelli version.

Patrolling the streets of Gotham with the sole purpose to avenge her murdered family, Helena Bertinelli is one bad woman.

If you haven’t watched her on the television show Arrow, finish reading this article, turn on your tv and sit down for one hell of a ride. With her martial art abilities and her unforgiving crossbow at her side, Bertinelli is the epitome of someone who makes winning look easy.


Another sidekick?

Roy Harper, the longtime sidekick to the Green Arrow has lived in his large shadow for far too long.

Much like the Green Arrow, Speedy relies primarily on his bow and arrow to serve up his definition of justice.

All I can say is, with a costume like this, let’s hope he is noticed for his archery and not his questionable attire.

Karate KidKarate Kid

Get the jokes out of your system right now.

Wax on, wax off, crane kicks, Bonzai trees, and Mr. Miagi.

This is not the Karate Kid from the 1980’s movies of the same name, nor will he teach you how to deliver a fatal crane kick.

Much like many martial artists before him (Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan) he is as lethal as they come.

If all this doesn’t impress you, know this. He can cut through metal and stone with a single blow. A SINGLE BLOW.

Makes me want to recruit him for my team.

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