The DCEU Isn’t All Shit, Wonder Woman Was Fantastic – A Review

Wonder Woman Review

For the first time in awhile, I’m excited to do a DC Movie review. With that, here is my Wonder Woman Review.

Ok, I kind of take it back. A few months ago I boldly proclaimed that no matter how good Wonder Woman was, there was no way that it could salvage the pitiful attempt that DC has made at their extended universe.

I had the chance to see Wonder Woman the day it came out and while I don’t feel like I should be sitting here telling you it made me eat my words, I do feel I own the DCEU a small apology. Wonder Woman was great, not perfect (only one movie in my mind get’s this recognition) but great.

It had an amazing blend of characters, charisma, action, and story to drag me along for 2.5 hours and never look down at my watch. I laughed and was delighted by all the subtle humor the movie had and teared up (yes, I’m a softy) as she began obliterating the enemy after many others tried and failed. The screaming theme song probably had something to do with this.

New age

I can’t exactly pinpoint on why the movie was as good as it was. Oh, wait, yes, I can. It had something to do with the superbly cast Gal Gadot. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, she brought the character to life like it hasn’t been done since, well, Linda Carter.

She was fierce, heartwarming, funny, and most importantly, believable as the character. We got a glimpse of her abilities in the much-maligned Batman v. Superman (which I hated by the way) and it left us wanting more. And we got the whole package in Wonder Woman.

The movie isn’t without its flaws. Remember, I said that there is only one movie in my mind that get’s the perfect treatment. Would it be unfair of me to say that I was bothered by the mustache that Ares sported? Forgive me if this offends you but I couldn’t look past it. Each time he spoke, all I could see was some hair flapping widely above his top lip. It was as if there was no person there, just a mustache.

Petty? Maybe.

I found that the first two acts of the movie were perfect. The pace was outstanding and the way in which it flowed was flawless. And this is precisely why I was so bothered by the third act. The act seemed to come on without notice and without explanation. Before you get on me for saying that, yes, I know it was explained. I mean that it didn’t feel properly fleshed out. Rushed, if you will. They had all the chances in the world for character development and failed miserably.

Mustache and act aside, I can’t say another negative thing in this Wonder Woman review.

Even my wife, who has put up with my constant need to cancel all plans on the day that comic movies come out, enjoyed the movie. I believe if I recall correctly, that she even boldly stated that this movie was “amazing”. Take it from me, that’s a compliment.

Look, Wonder Woman hasn’t erased my previous comments about how shitty the DCEU has been but it did do wonders (see what I did there) to make me think twice about it.  A few more like Wonder Woman and I might even retract my statement. Yes, after this Wonder Woman Review, I am somewhat looking forward to reviewing Justice League.



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