Aquaman Is On Track To Becoming DC’s Most Successful Movie … Ever

Aquaman DC's Most Successful Movie

Aquaman Is On Track To Becoming DC’s Most Successful Movie … Ever

Well, Mr. Momoa. Congratulations, you’ve done it. You’ve beat out the commercially successful but at the same time, really shitty Suicide Squad. 

After taking in another $51.5 million this past weekend, your domestic haul has become an impressive $187 million. But that isn’t enough to crush Suicide Squad. 

No, not even close.

Your stunning international take of $560 million is. When added together, Aquaman has brought in an estimated $750 million. For context, Suicide Squad made a very respectable $746.8 million. 

However, let’s be honest with ourselves. Suicide Squad is not the benchmark of DC movies. Not by a long shot. 

By nearly all accounts, Wonder Woman is. Wonder Woman was both a commercial and critical success, something that DC and Warner Bros. just haven’t had too much of in recent years. 

Notice that I did say “nearly all accounts”… When it comes to commercial success, Batman v Superman is the golden standard for DC. While it contained potentially one of the worst reasons in history to stop a conflict (I look to you Martha), it was the DC project that brought in the most dollars.


With a very slow release schedule of upcoming movies, there is no reason why the King of Atlantis doesn’t go on to obliterate some of DC’s record-breaking movies. Wonder Woman pulled in $822 million and the much-maligned Batman v Superman hit just north of $873 million. 

Some are even boldly predicting that Aquaman will eclipse the $1 billion mark. This will easily make it DC’s most successful movie.

No matter how it finishes, the success of Aquaman is a good sign for the Worlds of DC. They needed it to be a hit. Not just commercially, but critically as well. With the volume of dollars and good words pouring in, they’ve got it.

DC’s next move should be green lighting a sequel. Not fast tracking but green lighting. 

And why only green lighting? 

We’ve all seen how the world reacts when DC pushes movies out too quickly. They should take their time and building it properly.

As they say, “Build it and they will come.”



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