DC’s ‘Watchmen’ Animated Film Reveals Unexpected First Trailer


Yesterday, we reported new details about DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ upcoming “Watchmen” animated project, which will be released as a two-part movie. Both DC and Warner promise a faithful adaptation of the original comic book, so we’re excited to see how Moore and Gibbons’ legendary story comes to life. Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” is considered one of the best comic books ever written. It’s a gritty superhero story set in a corrupt, dystopian future, serving as a metaphor for a hero-less world filled with heroes. The animated project will use CGI to adapt the original story, with the first part releasing later this year and the second part in 2025. Additionally, Warner and DC have just released the first official trailer for the animated project!

“Watchmen” became an instant classic, so it’s no surprise that big studios wanted to adapt it into a movie. Zack Snyder first did it with his controversial live-action film, followed by Lindelof’s HBO series, which polarized fans even more. Now, after these two adaptations, DC Comics is returning to its roots with movies that will faithfully adapt the original comic book.

As always, we’ll start by showing you the trailer, which is the main reason you’re here. Enjoy:

While some might not agree with the CGI approach, this is definitely the “Watchmen” we know and love. Snyder did a decent job with his adaptation, while the TV series was a very loose take on the story. This animated project, however, seems to capture the essence of Moore’s comic, and it looks like DC and Warner will get it right this time, as the trailer appears quite promising.

The “Watchmen” animated project was first confirmed by Warner Bros. in April 2017, announcing an R-rated animated film based on Moore’s story. The movie faced several delays until Warner confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 that it would be released in 2024.

In the meantime, we’ve confirmed that the Watchmen animated movie will be split into two parts. The first part is set to release on August 13, 2024, while the second part is scheduled for 2025, although the exact date hasn’t been announced yet.

So, there you have it – we won’t have to wait long for the first part, which is great news. Since details about the project are still scarce, our curiosity is piqued even more. No cast or crew members have been confirmed yet, so stay tuned to our updates!

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