Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe (Greatest Stories Ever Told)

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe
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The book begins with two important parts. First, Professor X has seen to it that Wade Wilson has been institutionalized for his own good.  And second, The Watcher foretells that the Marvel Universe is about to meet its imminent demise.

The chosen one?

The problem was the specialist on staff was Psycho-Man (a miniature evil-doer inside the body of a robot). Psycho-Man has intended to use Wade to carry out his schemes. Fortunately, before this could happen, Wade smashes the head of Psycho-Man, killing him in the process.

As a by-product of his rehabilitation the speech bubbles that surround his head begin to change. Instead of his normal pink and yellow bubbles indicating his jokes and thoughts, the audience notices a new red bubble guiding him.

He tells Wade that things are different and that he knows what he must do. Wade proceeds to make short work of the doctor and all of the other inhabitants of the ward.

The scene shifts to a defeated and melted Mr. Fantastic. We are not privileged to know exactly what happened to him. What we do know is that while there, he decapitates Johnny Storm and dispatches of The Thing. Before he leaves he turns his attention the Invisible Woman.

At first glance, she defeats him by creating a force field inside his head, thereby popping it like a balloon. What she forgot was that he is able to heal from anything and after regrowing himself he stabs her through the heart. 

The MCU wouldn’t stand a chance

Spider-Man approaches Deadpool and begins to an ill-fated attempt to talk some sense into him. Deadpool tells Spider-Man of his issues. He tells him that they are being controlled, being told when to laugh, jump and various other things.

Spider-Man wouldn’t hear any of it and because he’s the quintessential do-gooder Deadpool takes matters into his own hands and blows his head off. 

He then turns his attention to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers. At first notice, we see the team in a meeting with the purpose of the meeting being how to handle Wade Wilson. 

While in deep conversation the team is interrupted by the computer system in the house, Jarvis. He tells them that a handful of Pym Particles have gone missing and that Deadpool is to blame for this. 

Without warning an explosion goes off, killing the near entirety of the team. The two to survive did so because:

  1. Luke Cage’s skin is indestructible 
  2. Thor is a God

Luke Cage warns Deadpool but before he could finish his thoughts, Deadpool tells him that he expected this. In fact, because he expected this he shrunk down a few bombs and put it in the coffee.

The scene turns to a panicked, now head smoking Luke Cage. 

Deadpool turns his attention to Thor. Knowing that a match with a God is not in his best interests, he tosses some Pym Particles at Mjolnir. As quick as he threw them Mjolnir began to grow. The hammer grew so large that it wound up crushing Thor beneath it. 

Hulk Smash Deadpool…

If the story is called Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, that means he must turn his attention to the not so Jolly Green Giant. All looked lost as the Hulk literally torn the red assassin in half. However, this played to exactly how Wade wanted it. 

As he slowly once again regrew himself the Hulk calmed down and changed back into the easily dispatched of Bruce Banner. With the Hulk defenceless, Deadpool chopped his head off. Yes, even the Hulk was no match in the Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe storyline.

The question became, as Bill Goldberg used to say, “Who’s next?”

Welcome home

In an attempt to strike a nerve with those like him, Deadpool apprehended the leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier. 

Immediately, Charles called for his team but unbeknownst to him, Deadpool has laid a series of traps designed to kill each of the X-Men…and they did. One by one the X-Men fell to his plan.

Even the sole survivor of the attack, Wolverine was no match. 

More killing?

After a series of attacks, Deadpool was confronted by the one he had been looking for…The Taskmaster.

Because of his power of mimicry, The Taskmaster observed and learned from Wade, all-the-while getting a glimpse into his psyche. If this sounds strange, understand that Deadpool purposely lured him into the Swamp of Man-Thing. He did this so that Man-Thing would feed of the eventual fear of the Taskmaster…and he did.

The fear was all it took and now Man-Thing and Deadpool begin to look at one another.

For those who don’t know, the purpose of the Man-Thing is to guard the various universes of the Marvel Comics world. 

As the two look at each other, Man-Thing begins to understand why Deadpool has done what he has done. In fact, he agrees with him and sacrifices himself so that a portal may be open for Deadpool to climb through.

Reality traveling 

As he travels through the portal he is shown all of the multi-verses in the Marvel world. He convinces himself that if he travels long and hard enough, eventually he will encounter the one who created it all.

Finally, he stops in the universe responsible for writing the stories. He sees a bunch of writers and illustrators working away and just before the reader thinks he’s about to kill them he turns to the reader and promises that he will be here soon.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is widely considered a hallmark book to read. And in actuality, it is only the beginning to a much longer and more graphic group of stories. If you like the character, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is a must read.



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