Will The Deadpool Sequel Surpass The Original?

Deadpool Sequel
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The Deadpool sequel is slated to be unleashed on the world June 1st, 2018. I can’t help but wonder if it will do better than the first? The original grossed over $781,000,000 and laid the foundation for what a rated “R” comic book adaptation should be.

Needless to say, that high standard is a tough act to follow. Yes, I know that it will do well, but I ask, will the movie be able to be more than a wisecracking smartass who beats people up? 

The Deadpool sequel has a lot to live up too

The first movie took a chance.

Before it, the world couldn’t fathom a rated “R” comic book movie. This didn’t matter to Ryan Reynolds. He knew what the fans wanted so he pushed Fox into doing it.  I suppose it helped that a “fake” trailer was leaked and did incredibly well.

Nonetheless, he believed and because of it, the script was written, the cast was hired, and the movie went into production. 

If history repeats itself,  I have no doubt that the second one will continue of the Deadpool upward trend. If you don’t believe me or you’ve lived under a rock for the last two years, check out the scores it received from IMDB (8/10) or Rotten Tomatoes (83%).

Cable, a fresh face

The biggest surprise (if you didn’t watch the after credits scene at the end of the first movie) for the Deadpool sequel is the addition of Cable. These two have a storied past like no one else. Cable has the no-nonsense, get down to business, and jaded attitude, whereas Deadpool is light-hearted, funny, and anything but serious. As you know, he either always makes light out of a situation or is a douche who doesn’t give a shit.

The dynamic is very similar to Wolverine and Cyclops.

Like those two, Deadpool and Cable seem to click when the time is right and are able to handle the business at hand. It will be interesting to see how that chemistry between those the two plays out on the big screen. Will Fox be able to successfully capture what has worked so well in the comics? More importantly, will they continue to allow the characters to push the boundaries of what is acceptable?

And then…Domino (not the pizza)

Another added character that will make their debut is Domino.

I know a lot of fans aren’t too familiar with this one and she doesn’t seem to get the recognition as some other ones, so let me explain.

Domino was the survivor of a scientific test. The test was out to recreate the perfect mercenary soldier. Neena Thurman, Domino, is a mutant whose abilities grant her unimaginable luck. Basically, like Longshot, she can alter the probability of an event in her favor. She is also, get this, a skilled mercenary. is a mutant armory skilled mercenary.

With the New Mutants movie coming next year, it’ll be interesting to see how these characters are represented in the Deadpool sequel. After all, all three of them made their first appearances in a New Mutants comic. 

X-Force anyone?

And then there’s X-Force.

With the expansion of other teams jumping onto the movie scene, would it be amazing if the X-Force showed up in the Deadpool sequel?

We know that Cable and Domino will be in the mix and we also know that in the early 1990’s they helped form the X-Force, so isn’t it plausible that this movie makes the beginning of the big screen adaptation of the team? Think about this, this inaugural appearance of this team was second in units sold.

The first? 

Jim Lee’s relaunch of X-Men.

Yes, X-Force was and is the second selling highest team of all time.

Will the Deadpool sequel lay the groundwork for characters like Boom Boom, Feral, Shatterstar, and Warpath? If so, we have a recipe for something unique.

Similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, those outside the industry have no idea who the X-Force is. Will that naïveté pay off for Fox? I hope so because, well, I see no reason to get behind a different team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Personally, the Deadpool sequel can’t come fast enough.



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