Domino: Bio, Origin & History

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Real Name: Neena Thurman

First Appearance: New Mutants #98 (February, 1991)

Powers: Can control probability to better suit her own needs

Affiliation: X-Force, Six Pack, X-Corporation

Enemies: Arcade, Bastion, Blob, Pyro, Sauron, and most other X-Men enemies

Love Interests: Milo Thurman

Did You Know: Domino was the result of a failed experiment known as Project: Armageddon

A Little History

First appearing in New Mutants #98, Domino is one of the more unique and lesser-known characters in the Marvel Universe.

A government-controlled experiment called Project: Armageddon was responsible for the creation of Domino. The experiment was created in an attempt to once again recreate the Super Soldier serum. Unfortunately, like many other times in Marvel’s long history, it failed. Rather than receiving superhuman abilities, she was bestowed with the power to change the probability of an outcome. In layman’s terms, she has outstanding luck.

Shortly after the experiment, Domino was freed by the Armajesuits and left in the care of Father Rudolpho Boschelli. When she turned 13, she decided to run away. She lived with the Father until she was thirteen and decided to run away. From this point forward, Domino, now with a better understanding of her powers, became a freelance mercenary and began work with a multitude of government agencies.

While working alongside the NSA, she met and fell in love with Dr. Milo Thurman. This relationship resulted in a marriage between the two and Domino adopting the last name Thurman. An A.I.M. raid on a building the two were in resulted in their separation. This separation led Dr. Thurman to believe that she had been killed. This, of course, was untrue.

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