Drax The Destroyer: Bio, Origin & History

Drax The Destroyer Origin

Real Name: Arthur Douglas

First Appearance: The Invincible Iron Man #55 (February, 1973) 

Powers: Drax The Destroyer possesses superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and durability. He is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat and an above average swordsman.

Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy 

Did You Know? Drax The Destroyer first appeared alongside some of the most important cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe. 

A Little History

Drax The Destroyer was created by Jim Starlin and first appeared inside the pages of The Invincible Iron Man #55. 

Arthur Douglas lives a fairly simple life. He, his wife Yvette, and their daughter Heather lived in the state of California. One day the three were traveling across the Mojave Desert and they noticed a spaceship flying above them. The ship, captained by Thanos, was flying over the Earth in an effort to gather information about the planet. Realizing he had been caught and wanting to rid any evidence of his time on Earth, Thanos eradicated the car and Douglas’s family inside of it. 

Mentor, the father to Thanos, had been watching his son. He saw that Heather actually survived the attack and brought her back to Titan to heal her wounds. He also came to realize that Thanos had become too powerful so he asked Kronos, his father, to go to Earth and bring back consciousness of Arthur Douglas. 

Kronos did just that and with the mind of Arthur Douglas retrieved, the two began creating a body to put it in. The body was given superhuman strength and once complete, Arthur’s mind was placed inside. Now called Drax The Destroyer, Arthur’s mind and memories were wiped. In their place, the two installed a set of beliefs that led Drax to only hate and want the see Thanos dead.

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